GoldenFeet is a site that is very different from other sites that we are used to. It is a private porn site with exclusive material. The niche of this site is kinky, it focuses on mature and foot lovers. There is only one standard model, she is the main star of the site and the main actress, sometimes she is joined by her friends.

Top rated porn site with fetish content.

Site specs

The layout of this site is fairly simple, this means everybody who has basic skills with PCs and the internet can use it. You can also browse this site on your mobile devices, it is optimized for all platforms and the content translates flawlessly on the little screens. The main theme of the site is always great looking black it gives good contrast so all the buttons and options are easy to see. The design of the site is really sexy and kinky, the photos of the main star are put together well with the back theme.

The menu of the site is somewhat basic, but you don’t want to get confused with irrelevant options, all the options you need are there, pictures, videos, members area, support button, about the site info, and info about the owner and main star of the site. In the center of the site, there is a field that features trending photos so you can see what kind of content awaits you on the site when you become a member. For readers, there are also some of the main tags, that sum up the type of action you can expect.

The movies and the girls

Let’s start from the thing I liked the most. This is a rather private site, but it has some really nice advantages one of them being a member of the site. When you become a member of the site you become a friend of the site and there is a possibility you can meet the owner and the main star of this site. Not only that, she says she is willing to meet in person and that the friends can sometimes join in and make the content with her. This is really special, you can become a porn star, you can be featured on this site along with a very hot older women. And about her looks, she is very good looking, she has great tanned skin, nice big natural boobs and a firm handsome body, her ass is really nice. She likes to dress kinky and sexy and them high heels, oh I get so horny browsing the content on this site.

All pictures and videos are exclusive and they are very unique, the content from this site is available only on this site, and it is made with great quality and attention to details, she reviews all material before it is uploaded on the site, so only the best quality videos and photos are shown to her friends. The videos base of the site is a rather medium one there are over 55 videos in HD quality that last about 3 minutes each, and the available format at the moment is WMV (.wmv), 5000+, 1920×1080, all the videos can be streamed on the site, or they can be downloaded (members get unlimited download).

In few words

GoldenFeet is a special site that brings special things to the table, the main actress is hot, kinky and she brings a nice refreshing content different from the mainstream sites. If you like kinky action, and you have the foot fetish, don’t miss this opportunity, remember you can meet the owner of this site and you can be involved in making the content.

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