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Operating in the market since the year of 2012, the portal has been able to cross many milestones and has been successful in climbing up the ladder of popularity and fame. The main reason behind this is the love and appreciation it has been getting from the porn lovers. It had not been easy for the makers to achieve this feat overnight. This is the direct outcome of the fact that the contents available here are much refined in quality and taste as well. The combination of passion and creativity has found a new height and to sample the genius of the directors, you have to take the membership in the portal as soon as possible. It is important to mention that the contents that are available here will help you in meeting the desires that you hold in your heart. Being a hardcore site, you can expect to see all the sexual activities, starting from tit fuck, boobjobs, cunt eating and glory hole drilling. But the main feature that you will get to marvel in all the videos happen to be the dick hardening scenes when the guys get the cocks messaged by the sex fairies and then sucked with a lot of skill to provide the ultimate sexual satisfaction. The portal is mainly a part of the porn production house of Puffy Network. This means that once you opt to take the membership of this locale, you will be getting access to the various contents from the four other forums that are a part of the network. This is a facility that you will get free of any charges.

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Site specs

To get the membership of this web link, you need to possess an account that will give you access to the various tabs and contents present here. For making the account active the first thing that you need to do is to get to the tab that will make the online application form appear on the front page. This is needed to be filled up by adding the necessary information on the part of the customer. One this has been done, the admin will verify the details and provide you with the password and the id that you need to know for entering the portal. There is a separate tab that will let the already existing members get into the forum. Among the four membership packages that are on the offer, you can choose any of them to start your journey into the pages of the link. If you want to check out the contents first and then go in for making the bigger investment then apply for the trial package for two days, which is available for a pocket-friendly rate. This package will only help you in getting limited access to the clipping and images. For the process of making the payments, you can choose credit card facilities or opt for the CCBill and Epoch.

The design of the portal is another amazing feature that you will get to see as you enter the locale. The logo of the forum is that of an open mouth of a sexy chick that is drooling with saliva or cum. The customers will get to see full HD videos which are crystal clear in nature. This is due to the 4k UHD feature. The home page has many tabs and the navigation among these is very smooth. Coming back to the topic of videos and images, both are open for downloading and streaming, without any limits or DRM tags. The videos may be in 3840×2160 or 1920×1080. Streaming can be done in MP4 or in Flash media player. For downloading the options of using MP4 and WMV are available. The images are also available for download in Zip format. These are in high definition and the value can shoot up to 3000×2000 to 2240×1680. The admin provide the members with regular updates and upcoming contents are also previewed.

The movies and the girls

The main attraction that is causing the membership of the portal to shoot up from the roof is the quality of the movies and images. The models have an important role to play in this. It is their body and bodies of work that will ultimate decide the fate of the forum. From indoor to outdoor locations, you will get to see every aspect. Well-light sets and good camera work will surely give an extra edge to the contents. You get to see 193+ clips, of 20 minutes of 45 minutes of time span each. Each of the movies comes with a related set of images and thus there are 193+ galleries here. Each gallery can contain 60+ stills. With this you can also get to see slide shows and video caps.

In few words

With discounts that are offered, you can also get the facility of watching live camera action of the models. Here 175 sexy fairies are going to entertain you in every way possible.

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