Water dudes rejoice, the WaterBondage porn site is a must have for you. The more than 270 photo and video galleries in full high resolution and HD screen on-display will make you dream of water and submission till sundown. Hogtied, full figured women with their clits hosed down with water till they come are just a few of what you gain entry for when you visit this one of a kind website dedicated to water activities and submersions for sexual enjoyment.

Popular porn site for BDSM lovers.

Site specs

Giant fish tanks have been used to dunk the women be it in solo, duo or even group actions. Flogging the girls are both thrilling and arousing to watch as they glide past each other in all their wet glory and nakedness. Though they are vulnerable in some instances as they breathe in and out of the water, these women are trained to do so. These women are sirens in full control and they never stop from stripping to orgasm, from start to finish. These women are so in control even though you will be on edge as they get suspended mid air, fully roped in and gagged as well as shackled. In many cases, they are penetrated by dildos and machines while they are splashed with water, but they keep moaning as if the water is making sex with them completing one massive climax they have never experienced ever in their life.

The expression in their eyes which roll from ecstasy to shock to orgasm will make any man jerk off in return. It will just be so much for anyone busy with their hands not to fly their kites and reach an equally full-blown burst of cum in the ending. Strap-ons are used frequently to tie the girls up, make them wiggle a lot and slide in the water filled floor till they get dunked, submerged and get their fill in the water tub. It’s one slithering moment to another as the water runs through their faces, necks, breasts, and the pussy areas. Imagine yourself doing that movement from top to bottom then settling on the clit line to make her orgasm till kingdom come.

Take the plunge, if you may, and find several reels of women struggling to breathe up and down the water. The mix of nerve-wracking seconds and ultimate satisfaction of the women getting themselves all satisfied can become habit forming. The trickle of water does not rest for a single second on the skin and just as easily form a puddle of sexual juices that your imagination will go on overdrive eventually. The submissive ladies all bound and dripping will stir your groins into thinking why hasn’t this been popular before? It’s the match made in sexual heaven as the combined thrust of the cold water and body heat create a steam of desire properly build-up and leading to a blow of fluids as powerful as multiple orgasms.

There is a BTS link from the Kink network which will allow you to get to know the pre and post-shoot portions and ideas that went into play. Many interviews and outtakes highlight the thoughts the wet angels had when they were in the scenes. They will be able to share how they prepared for the instances of being wet all over and moving above and below the water tanks. The rather engaging members’ forum, on the other hand, allows you to take a sip of what the active ones are discussing online. Get to know what made a particular scene in an episode so unforgettable for many. Even suggestions on how to creatively enhance it further for your personal please have likewise figured in the discussions. Not only that, the thread of comments will surely make you think of what you can do better as regards your personal circumstances so that you partner will end up happily surprised when you use water in your fucking moments to satisfy the horny hormones you both have in your bodies.

The movies and the girls

The selection of the girls are in the line of well-known ones and very adept amateurs. Ariel X is new but she can whip BDSM like the back of her hand. Tied up and zipped, suction cups pull at her nipples creating a mind blowing sensation while her clit is being massaged by a vibrator till she is hosed down to a climax. The near drowning climax, as many of the girls admit, provide both excitement and rush that ultimately finish off in a massive stroke of wet drippings from their pussies.

There are many movie options as far as the videos are concerned. Resolution reaches 1280×720 pixels capturing the HD viewing experience. Check out the availability for each episode of this high-quality playback. Download is an option so you may bring the file wherever you are and have a replay when your hands feel like jerking off. WaterBondage will definitely be counted as a porn site many haven’t seen before played out on screen: water doused slaves, women dunked from a chair to a water tub, and many others getting fucked inside a water tank while breathing hard and holding their breath for so many times. WaterBondage indeed brings the entirely exciting and thrilling new perspective in hardcore porn for you.

In few words

It’s a water sex theme park for all of you who are like fish to the water. Every scene is water tight, filled and packed that it brings the ante of fucking, shocking, submission and discipline to several notches higher than ever before. Pay it a visit and you will most likely say that it’s anything you’ve never seen before.

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