Velvet Ecstasy


Did you ever grow tired of the same old porn? I know I did and that is why I was very happy when I found velvetecstasy, a site completely dedicated to the endless variety of sex and fucking. Whatever might come up in that dirty mind of yours, they probably have it on their website, and let me tell you, this is an amateur website, but the content is all but amateur.

Nice pay porn website where you can find sexy amateur girls.

Site specs

Straight up you could see that they love their jobs, making the front page very heartwarming, or should I say, dickwarming, as it bombards you with images of various sex scenes which you are able to watch and enjoy in. Such a nice welcome is always appreciated, whether you do that by joining or by having an erection is completely up to you, although I would advise joining, as then you would spend your days having an erection most of the time. Having all these categories sorted is very helpful, as you can then choose the one that gets you the most excited, much easier than you would without it. Growing to like the site and its many features, I also found the swift navigation very enjoyable, especially the part where you do not experience any lag whatsoever. Having such a good browsing experience is always very much appreciated. And when switching to my mobile phone, in order to enjoy some porn while taking a bath, I discovered that the optimization is very good, which makes your view of this diverse porn world even better.

The movies and the girls

Did I mention the fact that most of the people in the videos are also couples? Nothing can imitate the passion of a couple fucking, no matter how good the actors may be. Another thing to mention is that some of the couples are also models, meaning that they have amazing bodies, with huge dicks and boobies, great tight asses, and pussies so wet that sliding in becomes an obsolete term. If you think that the models and couples are not diverse as well, you would be making quite a mistake, seeing how you have every kind of male and female on this site. Diversity is their motto, and you get to enjoy categories such as pregnant, asphyxiation, anal, blowjobs, shaving, foot fetish and the only thing these scenes have in common is that they end in a squirt, whether a female, or a female getting a facial, or just straight up swallowing the jizz. Judging how they are amateurs, do not let that deceive you, as they are well versed in what they love, and fucking is definitely what they love. Being filmed by a professional crew also helps, as it gets the best out of real life passion these amateurs bring to the scene. Among that you get full HD, something everyone loves, the high-quality images that make that pussy shine.

In few words

Bring your wipes, as you will certainly cum from watching porn as you have never seen it before, and this site has it all. On velvetecstasy, diversity comes to life, with many different categories to get your kinky side turned on, and all in beautiful full HD. Add to that the three extra sites and the fact that you could download all the videos, but only if you owned a few extra hard drives, and be sure to add this site to your list of favorites.

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