TylersRoom is where Tyler and his gay friends hang out. By hanging out, I mean, they like to whip out their huge schlongs and expose their tight little asses and then fuck the good heavens out of each other. The site itself started with only Tyler and his lean self. He then vowed to make his porn site the best of the best by inviting other guys to perform and do it in front of the camera. That doesn’t mean Tyler is an individual who manages his own site though. TylersRoom is under the company AEBN, who has other porn sites under its wings. Though an amateur in his own craft, Tyler and the gang showcases really good skills when it comes to gay sex. They are professionals when it comes to threesomes, orgies, bareback fucking, blow jobs, hand jobs, ass kissing, and many more. The list is endless.

The site has been around for quite some time now and it has established quite a number of content. It is a mix of exclusive and non-exclusive content, DVD’s that are up for downloads, and live feeds. The content is also a mixture of twinks, jocks, and regular boys who just love some ass fucking. Tyler himself once exclaimed to the general public that he wants this site to be so large that it’d take you ages just to get through everything, and he did. The site is humungous and it’ll take you ages to get around.

My favourite gay porn site for intense bareback action.

Site specs

TylersRoom is an established porn site, with a lot of content since launching in November 2000. Yes, it has been years and the updates have slowed down ever since, but they still do it occasionally and although being rotated, the already large content will give you enough time to be patient and wait for upcoming updates. One thing you should become aware of is that TylersRoom is a subtle mix of exclusive and non-exclusive content. Meaning, some scenes you may find somewhere else in the world of webs, some you may only watch in the site itself. If you wish to take a tour and check things out for the time being, a trial membership can be availed for a price, of course. Since it only is a trial membership, it has a limit and you are also limited on video viewing and downloads. It also applies to photo sets.

For full access, you’ll have to upgrade your account to premium membership and then you can fully utilize all the site’s features. Despite the “oldness” of the site, the videos and photos they provide are surprisingly mostly in high definition. You may either view the scenes online or download them in your computers and laptops. Viewing them online will enable a Flash streaming on an embedded Flash player. Its pixel resolution is at a maximum of 960 x 540. Online though, you can adjust the movies in your browser. Downloads are of a higher quality and you can download them in mp4, WMV, and MPEG formats. All formats pack very high quality with a staggering 1920 x 1080 and a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. That’s really high definition! Of course, older movies may tend to be of lower quality.

The website itself has a large offering of live feeds, video feeds, blogs, ezines, games, and pictures. The network has about 1,385 DVD scenes which you can fully access by being a member of TylersRoom. Photo galleries are also available and they pack about 125 photos each. To be precise, there is a total of 2,380 galleries to be viewed. You may or may not download them as zip files and you may or may not view them as slideshows. It’s your call. TylersRoom has a large collection of gay scenes, with around 385 videos to date. The majority of its features highlights solo and intense scenes, but they’re also pretty heavy on one on one action and threesomes. Although the site informs its viewers that it’s pretty much amateur boys, it’s more of just gay porn in a general sense, so you don’t have to worry much about it being horrible. It’s far from that.

The movies and the boys

For the most part, the guys in TylersRoom are of different kinds. They also have very different physical attributes. You have your blondes, brunettes, red heads, you name it. Also, their builds may vary from time to time. You will be able to notice that there is a variation for that too. You have muscular jocks, lean twinks, athletic ones, just plain old limpy (but equally handsome), and so much more. You will be surprised that there are about one hundred models in total that make up TylersRoom. You will have a large variation to choose favorites from. You won’t ever get bored because each one of these twinks and jocks are different and have really different personalities and skills to begin with.

In few words

Despite it being an amateur site, I would recommend TylersRoom to those who are into the usual kinky gay porn. Although there is much to improve like the lack of browsing tools and the fact that they rarely give out updates, not to mention that most of the content is not exclusive, I can say that TylersRoom has a lot of potential looming in the air. The quality of the videos is very good, except for the older videos, but they turn out to be a lot better than I initially imagined. The site itself has a lot of content although in varying qualities but that doesn’t matter much since I’m more of a “content wise” person. I give a two thumbs up to TylersRoom for being as it is today – a.

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