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Every day I spend time in my room jerking off. Most times I jerk off to pictures of girls in the magazine or some free porn site I manage to stumble upon. I am especially turned on when girls give men handjobs and the men are spraying cum all over the place. I have these fantasies in my head about girls giving hand jobs until the cum from the men splashes out uncontrollably. While I love porn, I have so far tried to stay with the free sites. They are not great but they have managed to help me meet my cum needs. This past Friday I was on the internet trying to find a site to help me have my usual cum shot. After looking at the free sites, I was disappointed and decided to check out some paysites.

Yes, I said I try to stay away from the pay site but then when you have a cum load in your balls that is seeking for release but is getting no, then you know you will do anything just so you can spit out that load. That is how I found tugpass. For the first time, I was going to use a pay site and the one I had chosen was a megasite. Since I was new to these paysites, I was happy to choose a site with a megapass so I can have access to as much porn variety as possible. I didn’t want to go to one site and then be disappointed. I knew that with a megapass site, there was little chance I was not going to find something I loved. So as I clicked on the signup tab and created and account and choose a payment method, I was hopeful that I had made the right decision and will be pleased with what I get from my membership.

As I clicked on the join tab, I had my fingers crossed; let’s see if these sites that are on this network are as good as they claim to be. To cut a long story short, I am pleased to say that was not disappointed. The first site I headed to when I joined was the over40handjob. This is because I like them mature and I dare say these milfs and cougars are great. If I could, I will not hesitate to get one over to my place to use their expert hands and fingers on me. Then I looked at the petite18 site and immediately I had another hard on. These models with very cute bodies can really handle a cock. You just have to love the way they manipulate the cock into oozing white juice.

Great porn pay site where you can watch a lot of handjob xxx scenes.

Site specs

Who really wants to get to a website and spend more than two minutes trying to figure out what is happening? A good website design requires that a visitor to a page finds exactly what they need with minimum effort. In this regard, the website of tugpass past can be said to be a good one. It is not overly flashy but at least, it is attractive enough to make a visitor want to browse more. The home page is just like that of any other porn site with main menu tabs and lots of pictures. The pictures of on the home page are scenes from some of the latest updates that have been placed on the different sites.

Once you enter the site, you may not immediately see all the sites that come with the megapass. However, by clicking on the site tab at the main menu, you will be taken to the sites page where you find all the sites that are included in the pass. To find models, you can click on the models tab which takes you to the model page. The models can be sorted by their names as they are arranged alphabetically. It is also possible to choose models by age group as they have their age group written on their picture. A quick way to navigate this site is to use the search box at the top of the page which allows for keywords to be used to find content.

The movies and the girls

This site brings to its members, over 1000 amateur model from all around the world. These are real women with real lives who have a penchant for displaying in front of the camera and gift in their hands for working cocks until they spurt. The models range in age from 19 to above 60. They also vary in body size and shape with some being more curvy and busty and others slim and cute. They are all pretty and hot and are sure to give you the handjob of your life.

On the site you will find models like; busty milf Rita Daniels who features in videos on over40handjobs, slim bodied Sasha Foxx who features in movies on Teentugs and Jessica Torres who features in movies on Meanmassage. The videos include scenes in which men get beaten and massaged until they come such as the videos on meanmassage. In other videos, such as those on seemomsuck, guys have their dicks, worked on by hand and sucked until the girls take all of the cum in their mouths.

In few words

Tugpass has been around for a while and has a lot to offer its members and prospective members. This is the only place where you can be sure to find the best handjobs sites on the web. Considering the quality of content and the huge database of content, the cost of membership is definitely worth it. I am most pleased to say that I am feeling lucky I got my membership free thanks to my friend.

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