The Upper Floor


I watched a lot of porn, and lately, specifically, many sites have become very boring to me, and with good reason. Their content is anything but good, and has become quite repetitive and very unengaging. With so many sites, I hoped to find a good one, and with some luck, I stumbled upon a site that has all the hardcore that you would want from this world, and happening in a place which looks very much aristocratic, so go visit The Upper Floor if you want to know their secrets.

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Site specs

I was even drawn by the name, as The Upper Floor signals something that you should not have access to, yet you do, and when I saw the site, I realized that they have indeed taken that seriously. The site looks beautiful, furnished in dark shades of red, where you get to see a wallpaper, a reminder of the previous times, and the dark shades on the menu, quite intuitive to use. The banner has some pictures of the action, but the main previews are below, in the shape of a trailer to the site, and the other clickable images, which do prompt you to join, rather than open up in full size. That is not a problem, as with so many things to see on the home page, you can easily be persuaded to join, which brings other perks forward. The content, sorted in a way that makes it easily accessible, is available to you in just a second, whether by using filters, or the search bar, the ease of access is there to help. What I’ve also noticed is that the site has no lag, which made it even better in my eyes, to the point where joining was so easy that I never even thought about it for a second.

The movies and the girls

And was I surprised when I did that, as with the content being of such a high quality, the level of detail so great, that you can see everything, from the birthmarks on the bodies, to the very tenseness of their muscles. They engage in some very kinky activities, most of which use ropes to begin with. The other devices used to tie up and bring intense pleasure to their partners include leather straps, metal straps, strap ons, and a whole variety of dildos and vibrators, which end up in the asses of both the guys and the girls. Surely enough, a hardcore site like this one is not oriented to just one gender, and you can see the guys getting their asses pounded by both the girls and the other guys. The orgies are amazing to watch, especially those where there are more girls than guys, as they tend to get very bossy. The girls are just amazing to watch, whenever they are in charge. The guys do love fucking, and sometimes, 5 or more of them would get around and show that one girl a very good time. What I also like about this site, is that it has live shows, and every week, at least one. With so many content, having 11 years of experience, this site will bring forth the most creative ideas on how to achieve that orgasm, and the most hardcore ones, too.

In few words

The Upper Floor is for all of you who love seeing the hardcore action, the ropes, the whips and the chains and straps, and a whole variety of sex that can bring you the most intense of orgasms.

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