The Stripper Experience


We are sure that on several times you may have jerked off to just thinking about a woman in a strip joint. Hell, we may not be too surprised that you may have jerked off just by the thought of being in a strip club. We get it. Not everyone goes into the strip club or the courage to get into one. Strip clubs get a bad rep from a lot of conservative folks. So, not everyone can freely walk into one. For the ones that do, just are mad about heading to a strip club all the time. They have if not daily, at least weekly visits to a strip club. They swear by strip clubs. Most of these men who visit strip clubs prefer going in there than watching porn. According to them, they get it off in there over porn flicks. But well, who wouldn’t want to choose strip clubs over watching porn videos.

Every man fantasizes about heading into a strip club, watching all the sexy ladies out there in their sexy and raunchy lingerie turn up the heat and get it on. A man would be lying if he said that he would not like a stripper getting off the pole and just coming down for him to give him a sexy lap dance. And can we take a minute to just take in all the hot bods that these strippers have! They have the perfect body which every woman desires. Boobs so big and round that we could suck all night long. And asses so big that all you can think about is how hard you can spank it. But wait! We have not even begun addressing the most important thing! These strippers and their skills.

How much do we long we watch a woman do a pole dance for us? Just to watch them use that pole like their own personal sex toy. How these women go up and down on these poles like they have greased it up. It’s just too fucking sexy. But that’s not even the real deal. The better strip party happens all behind closed doors which are called the Champagne room. In here is where the party begins. All that remaining pieces of lingerie are thrown away too. Women in all their glory, showing off their sexy bodies and performing especially for the VIPs. How much we all wish to have a chance for that. However, that is only for the elite. So, unless you have the cash to burn in there, you ain’t getting an entry. So, what do you do? Well, then you head to TheStripperExperience porn website in that case.

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Site specs

Is simplicity all you are looking for in your porn websites layout and design? Then we can guarantee you that you will quickly find yourself falling in love with TheStripperExperience’s layout and design. They have a unique layout, unlike many other porn sites. They are leaning more towards making the website look very professional. These guys have spent quite a bit of money to ensure that they have hired some cool and creative people in order to make this website. We love the colors that they chose to use on this website. They have gone for colors like white and beige.

Yes, we get your sentiment, we know when you read it that you must be thinking that they are bland colors. But nope, they look awesome on the website. There is this cool transition from white to beige when you scroll down. We love that. Apart from that, the tour page has an automatic rolling slideshow with images of models who are incredibly hot and getting down and dirty in all these images. They have also listed the top scenes as well as the top models right on the tour page. This is a pretty darn cool layout.

The movies and the girls

Yes, we are aware you’ll have been very patient and been eagerly waiting to know about this. So, it is the time we speak about it. If you love watching porn and watch the Spizoo network very frequently, then you very well know about all the girls that are there on every one of these websites on this network are drop dead gorgeous. You will find this even in TheStripperExperience.

Literally, every one of the girls on this porn site, are so damn sexy that it will want to make you drop your pants and just start jerking your cock off. You are going to feel just like how a VIP feels in the champagne room, because in every video, these women get it on by putting on a little show for us. They do a little strip tease and a little performance before they start to get down to the actual business. They put all the stripping abilities in good use when they want to get humped.

To speak about the technical aspects of the website, you will get more than 90 videos here. All of them can be downloaded. At the highest resolution of 1920 x 1080 @ 8000 kbps making it full HD and in an MP4 format. If you don’t wish to download, then you can watch these videos online. You will also find videos here too. All of them are in a ZIP format. With a resolution of 1084 x 682 pixels.

In few words

To sum up, we don’t think you can get any luckier with this regarding watching a porn site. This must be one of the best ones out there. We love the fact that this basically turns into a convenient strip club for you. And what makes this even more desirable is that upon signing up you are granted access to over multiple websites on the Spizoo network! It is going to be raining pussies for you henceforth, isn’t it!

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