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The hottest thing about sex is foreplay and there is no denying that it turns us on harder than anything else. If you are someone who loves watching porn then you know how important foreplay really is and how much it adds to the viewership experience. If you have been missing out on high-quality foreplay experience in the videos that you have been watching then it is very evident you have been looking at the wrong places. One of the best places to get your dose of softcore foreplay is Smother Sluts. Now don’t get us wrong, the website does not have anything to do with prostitution but it is actually a normal porn website where these horny women and men make out. These girls are actually gold or let’s say penis diggers and all they care about is a little dick. You will find them make out with men they see fit and smother their dicks and put their lips all over the guys’ bodies. If you are someone who can live with being turned on and then left midway for getting that amazing horny experience then this is one of the best websites that you can be a part of. Smother Sluts is a page that is dedicated to foreplay so do not expect to see full blown sex scenes. All of this is actually quite new and very few websites have taken this approach when it comes to providing content such as this. You will love how creative the videos are and how much effort is put in to make the content so ingenious. You will find some of the hottest women you have ever seen in your life and you will be turned on by their antics in no time. The membership options on offer are quite good and you will love this kind of unique content if you are bored of hardcore porn and want to indulge in some soothing softcore content that is just erotic and perfect to get you high in no time. If you want to become a member then you will also get access to the BDSM network ‘Fetish’ which is home to some of the best femdom sites you can get. And considering all of them have been bundled into one package you will have no qualms over the content that is on offer. If you want to check out the content before becoming a member then you can head to the tour page where you will find all of the models and some sample content being shown to you. If you find that it’s something that you will like then you should consider becoming a member right away.

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Site specs

Smother Sluts has a really good website design that allows you to access the content even on your phones and tablets along with other portable devices. The streaming experience is quite smooth and is free from any kind of lag or stutter. The bandwidth consumption is on the lower side as well and you do not have to worry about high data charges. The website has been around for quite some time and the people at Smother Sluts know how much people love downloading content so they removed any kind of limitations to how much you can download. Feel free to get all the content on your laptop, phone or PC and you will be able to keep them for life because there are no DRM restrictions at all. All of the videos and galleries have tags and other filters that you can use for searching making it really easy to find all of the content that you need very easy. You should use the high advanced model index that can be used to not only find videos but also get some information on the women too! There is a favorites and last viewed section as well just in case you want to save some of your videos for later. You will be able to choose from multiple resolutions when downloading and the content is available in Full HD so you will love the jaw dropping visuals on offer.

The movies and the girls

The website has over a 100 movies and new scenes keep getting added to the website always. You will love the HD quality content where all of these super horny girls strip and get into all sorts of nasty action. The website’s full HD content has is very well detailed and you will be able to see everything in truly amazing clarity that will blow you away. The smothering action is just too hot to handle and you will love the approach the website has taken to all of the content that is being provided. You will find the women keep themselves fit and they put in a lot of effort to make the scenes as hot as possible. The women have truly perfect bodies and nice tits; and no matter what your taste in women is like you will find the right lady who can satisfy your every need. The women do not belong to a specific demographic group and you will find that all the corners of the globe are covered when it comes to these women. You will love how all of the content manages to make you horny despite it being all softcore and mushy!

In few words

You will love the consistency of the content that is on offer and you will not have any issues with regards to the updates or the quality of the videos. The bonus content that is thrown in makes the videos even better and you will have an experience that is practically unbeatable by any standards.

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