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Selfie plus porn equals to Self-Shot. If you have a knack for naked women taking selfies, then this is your ideal platform. Here you will get to see very beautiful women publishing raunchy images for the world to see. They have bodies to die for, and it is true any man will get a boner the moment they see the pics. Allow me to explain to you what the site entails at depth.

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Site specs

If you take a look at the entire All of GFs network layout, you will realize it is similar across all its portals, inclusive of Self-Shot. Also, they have incorporated a similar design. All of GFs network entails basic features such as surfing tools and searching alternatives. The background of self-shot is attractive, and the color scheme choice is very rare. It is easy on the eyes and the brain too. If you want to search for what you need, you will have to surf page by page. However, if this is your niche, you would assuredly love every film or image gallery, which self-shot provides. There is a favorite’s zone where you can add the videos for later viewing. Also, there is a favorites section for the pictures. I did find that the material can be sorted by the latest, lengthiest, most watched, and popularity. If you have a particular name in mind, you can type in your keywords on the search engine and that is it. I am more than happy to make it known that self-shot has a mobile version. On several occasions, you will find that selfie aficionados are trip fanatics. That makes it perfect for folks who are always on the go.

The movies and the girls

Self-shot is a porn site that resembles the popular social platform by the name Instagram. Here chicks are at all times revealing their tight bods, and a times before the mirror. I love the fact that majority of the wild sluts here is amateur. However, there are a few professional actresses. Generally, the blend they are providing you with is exceptional. The collaborators of self-shot are telling users that they are offering more than a thousand accepted self-shots. They are making use of Twitter platform to ratify genuine persons only. Also, users can submit their stuff and even delete their selfies. Once you have gained entry to the members’ zone, you will notice that there are around 100 flicks and about 150 image galleries. Even though they are uploading amateur quality content, the resolution is exceptional reach up to 768 X 432 pixels, however this is comprehensible as this is a user-submitted style platform. Talking of the image galleries, you will find that every set houses about 15 photos. It is good to know that with a self-shot membership, users can gain access to the entire All of GFs Network. The network hosts around a dozen extra websites which include Emo Sex GFs, Real Sex GFs, GF Sex Toys, The Futanari, Porn Latina, and My Sex GFs. I highly recommend the website.

In few words

In conclusion, self-shot does not accept anything less than the best quality shots. As a matter of fact, it is very hard to unveil good amateur porn on the web, but self-shot is actually a gem. The gals are smoking hot, and they are talented in taking quite some tantalizing shots. If you are a selfie enthusiastic, this is your platform. The only mistake you will make today is not to have a look at the site.

This site doesn’t accept new members, you can find similar content on our best softcore porn sites list.

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