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Girls are great to look at. They are all beautiful in different ways and I do admit that having one in real life is the best thing ever. But if you are like, and seem to have no time to commit yourself to a wonderful relationship, the only thing I am even bothered to do is look up quality porn sites that give me as much girls as I want, and no, contrary to popular belief, it is not a sad way to indulge in the joys of life. It pretty much is there and we take it for a price. It is nothing to be embarrassed about, porn is a wonderful thing and so are girls. So, if you take the two together, it’s like chocolate banana sundae on a cheat day. It is delicious and it is definitely worth your time. Of course, with the growing number of porn sites that are plaguing the World Wide Web, it is most definitely hard to find a rather good one without spending all the cash in your pocket.

One genre that seems popular to all sorts of people who are into porn is lesbian porn and here I could totally see why. Girls are part of the reason why I got myself hooked, in the first place. Make it two or three girls in one screen, now that is something that I would take any single time of the day, even if it means I have to pay for it monthly. It is a great way to spend my hard earned money and I am not ashamed to admit that. Now back to the topic of lesbian loving, what makes this sort of genre so popular among the majority of people who turn to porn in one way or another? Well, it is possibly because lesbian porn is both the embodiment of everything classy but at the same time, lascivious and lusty. Even when it screams hardcore, you still get a tinge of class in it and because they are all girls, the raunchiness of the video gets overwritten by the passion it exudes.

But with the number of lesbian porn sites present in this generation of Internet holiness, how, as consumers, do we get to pick which one is the best for us and which one is truly worthy of our moolah and our time? Well, thankfully enough, a friend recommended to me the lesbian porn site by ExtremeMovieCash, SapphicLovers. Now, as most of us in the porn world know, ExtremeMovieCash is a place where we get to see a myriad of wonderful porn sites that cater to each and every fetish a man (or a woman) has. The entirety of the network is full of surprises and uniqueness and SapphicLovers is no different to this. SapphicLovers, is not your average ordinary lesbian porn site and I can attest to this, so to say. The site is dedicated to gorgeous European women who love getting it on with their fellow ladies who are just as gorgeous.

Great porn for lesbian sex lovers.

Site specs

SapphicLovers, like most porn sites under the ExtremeMovieCash network, is diligent in making a mark so they make sure that their website design does not clash with their content. They make sure that what people will notice right away will be their videos and scenes and not the other way around. Of course, they do not fail at the website design department as well, because they make sure it looks simple yet classy. Original but still eye catching. With SapphicLovers, they opted for the very simple type of design and this includes black and grey fonts on top of a white marbled background. Their video thumbnails and photos are in pink borders which practically fits well with the theme of the site.

Now, navigation here is very simple and just very easy to manage. The interface is, in a certain degree, very user-friendly. You will immediate notice the links on the top left part of the page (which basically means your right); there you will find the home button, the network button, the movies button, the bonus’ button, the girls’ button, the members’ button, and if you have not joined yet, the ‘join now’ button. Now, all these buttons are self-explanatory and do not need further discussion.

Home button is bound to take you to their home page, the movies button will basically take you to where all the scenes are, the network button is where you will find the rest of the sites under the same network are, the bonus button is where you can access the free sites you get with your SapphicLovers membership, the girls button is where you can access the model index where you can find the portraits of the gorgeous ladies along with their names and their short biographies, and well the rest is pretty much what it is. Now you will notice that everything else is in order and video thumbnails are always available in the main page. For the most part, these thumbnails will immediately take you to the corresponding video. SapphicLovers, unfortunately, does not have an ounce of photo gallery but they do have video caps that do not seem so bad after all.

The movies and the girls

As a lesbian site, SapphicLovers has tons of gorgeous looking hotties that would ace a quiz where beauty was going to be the only thing that matters. Also, their hot sexual adventures are captured in film and can be viewed via downloading or by watching it in-browser. Both options will give you the same resolution of 1920 x 1080 or a lower 1280 x 720. Nevertheless, both resolutions are amazing. Downloading will let you save your files in your device in MP4 format or in WMV format.

In few words

SapphicLovers is a great site if you are looking for some hot girl on girl action. Of course, I am totally recommending it and for those of you who are interested, I am sure you will not be regretting any of it.

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