Real Girls Gone Bad


Real Girls Gone Bad is an adult entertainment site that really needs no formal intro. As you’d guess, it regals you with scenes of hot British girls roaming and baring their essentials for all. Some girls just dance while others strip, and the bolder ones don’t fear to strip and show their beer-drenched tits.

Site specs

The site has a pretty decent and inviting design. I like how elements are positioned to draw your interest when a page opens. Navigating the site is easy too. What I like is that there are no annoying pop ads. You can enjoy hours of uninterrupted fun watching vids and checking out galleries or just exploring what’s in store. And with the search function, you can dig up just about anything you want from the site. So, you won’t spend hours rummaging through files. Enter your search term and look up either by popularity, day, and visual appearance of girls. Having said that, I think the design could have been better. Adding more feminine colors and brighter ones will certainly create a vibrant atmosphere. The same case applies to where scenes are shot.

The movies and the girls

Real Girls Gone Bad carry just two kinds of movies; soaked t-shirt contents and bar brawls. Soaked t-shirts shows a girls troupe with golf gear getting drunk, revelling, and engaging in wild sex. In between there’s a lot of stripping and teasing. In bar brawls, girls drink and drench themselves soaking their tits as spectators and colleagues cheer and applaud them. You will also see hot girls kissing and sucking each other. At some instance, some lucky male will get a very good blow work from the bevy of horny beauties. Hard core sex scenes are far and few between. If you’re looking for hardcore sex or penetration, don’t expect much. From what I gather, models are above the age of consent and under 23. Just the appropriate age to go out and be naughtly or hang out just before the years quietly slip on. As promised on the web site, all of them are amateurs with the UK. Nonetheless, you happen to be not permitted to download any video. You could only stream through the internet site. I checked out some pics in the gallery and I found most opened to 1200×1600 pixels. Galleries are standalone but you can still download any pics that you like one by one. I am not usually drawn to numbers but from my estimates there are far more than fifty five movies and 66 galleries on the site. Some vids seem repetitive but they have anew twist and angle to it which makes it worth check out. There may not be much content but I must laud the guys behind it for providing a good selection mofquality vids. I just hope they can churn more content to satisfy the curiosity and needs of folks. Don’t expect extras or reward for now but as the site grows down the road, I think they’ll look at the possibility of roping in more members via extras.

In few words

If you have a fetish for hot British girls who party and rave in their natural skin, then Real Girls Gone Bad will not disappoint. Vids are in HD and scenes are engaging. While downloading is limited, it still is a great place to explore. Membership is reasonable and gives access to exclusive and authentic British content. The site is suspended, check Group Sex Games for more orgy videos.

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