Property POV


Top gay porn site, Property POV features spoof of several real estate reality shows with a wild twist. Instead of only offering a house, these smoking hot real estate agents also offer their big cocks. At the beginning of the video, you will see all of these male whores looking so muscular and handsome with their clothes on but as you think the deal’s about to be done, the show’s just about to start. Either of the buyer and the real estate agent will never leave without getting naked and without fucking each other.

Site specs

Property POV offers one of a kind plot you can never find in other porn sites. They have come up with the idea of becoming real estate agents and their acting is just awesome. It gives a great twist to their high-quality contents and will make you come back for more. As you discover and explore the homepage you will never be confused about which button to click. There are no unnecessary buttons lurking around. Each video has a wonderful thumbnail that shows how the story goes. The coolest part is, with just one picture you can see a little glimpse of what they have done in the whole video. And if you’re not still contented with the thumbnails, each video also comes with photo collections. These photosets can be found just below the videos. These photo sets can be browsed free but they are not downloadable. But you don’t have to worry since it offers the opposite for the videos. Each video can be downloaded with the size of your choice. If you have a fast Internet connection, guaranteed that you’ll have a copy of yours within just a snap!

Property POV is a new site but they were able to properly display their porn gay contents and that’s the best that we could ever receive. Plus, they were active in the past months. They uploaded several more contents so you can hope for a lot more once you become a member. And of course, as the third gay porn site from the Fetish Network, you’ll also get a free pass on their two other sites if you join this horny community. Those two sites were also full of dicks and dick sucking but they have different kinds of plots that will surely leave you craving for more dicks.

The movies and the boys

Property POV features some of the hottest male porn models in the industry. These porn models have different characteristics that will surely make you want to see them all naked with nothing but their cocks to see. They look like professional real estate agents but they were actually much preferable to be called professional cock suckers. They never stop licking and sucking their visitor’s big dick until it explodes with sticky juices. Since they come in different nationality and figures, you definitely have a lot of choices. Some of them are muscular, black, hairy and even tattooed. Property POV is still a fresh site but they already have a lot of models to choose from. The choice is yours!

In few words

If you love seeing dicks in their full glory while they are getting a blow, there’s plenty of them here at Property POV. They’ve got the hottest male whores who crave for anyone’s dick. They are not just always ready to close a deal but they are also always waiting for a big cock to suck. If you find pleasure with gay porn contents, this site is worth a try.

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