The PoV porn is really interesting, and certainly a very hot type of pornography. It’s usually the mark of the amateur porn, almost all porn studios have at least one series that feature PoV porn. While the home-made sex is hot, watching videos that feature porn stars is even hotter. The PoVJP even raises the standards, because it doesn’t offer only PoV porn, but rather original Japanese porn videos. Japanese girls are always kinky, and they usually considered as a standalone niche in the porn world; they also very popular. There are over 350 videos on the PoVJP, and it’s quite sure that they will keep you here for a good time, because the sex in them is simply amazing. Updates happen on occasion, though it’s a bit inconsistent.

Considering the fact that the site’s collection doubled during the past year, it seems quite promising; also, the PoVJP just launched in 2014. This is not a standalone porn site: the PoVJP is a part of the AllJapanesePass network. This huge Japanese-focused network grants you access to a large collection of porn videos, and more than a dozen of niche-driven sites. As a member of the PoVJP you can browse more than 20 other sites’ content; you can switch sites with a click of your mouse in the members’ zone. Many of the videos here are exclusive, but as you will see, a major part of the collection comes from DVDs, so they are only unique in the aspect of online publication. Since you can’t get your hands on original porn DVDs from Japan, the site is a real deal, because you get thousands of videos for the price of a few discs.

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Site specs

Most of the sites of the AllJapanesePass have the same layout, and usually the design elements are the same. The PoVJP isn’t an exception, and if you land on the site, you will see that too. The tour mode lets you browse the videos’ list, but apart from the thumbnails no actual insight is provided. If you have explored the site and made up your mind, you may join and see what’s waiting on the inner pages. The first thing that changes is the list of the videos, it will be more practical. You will find a search engine, but maybe the best navigation tool is the categories (niches) selector. A models database and the DVD library are also available. Since most videos come from DVDs, it’s just expected that you will be able to watch the in only DVD SD quality… however, the newer flicks are usually added in much higher qualities: 720p HD. The scenes are streamed, and you can access this stream via the embedded Flash-Player. If you like to watch hardcore videos with your favorite software, you can save the videos; where it’s available an MP4 with HD resolution is also offered. There are sets of video captions too; these are added with the scenes and they serve a preview purpose, probably that’s why you can’t download them in zip.

The movies and the girls

The girls in these flicks are all gorgeous Japanese AV Idols. They are mostly professionals, so they perform really well. In case you enjoy watching hot Japanese girls as they do outrageous things, you will feel quite satisfied with what the site has to offer you. Since there are only Japanese models in the videos of the PoVJP, ethnic variety is not available, but if you are here, you probably looking for these kind of girls anyway, so it won’t be an issue for you. However, it’s quite certain that you will find them different from each other, not just in their appearance but also in the things they do. The Japanese girls are like the ancient Chinese vases: they look good, they look fragile, and you would rest your eyes on them all day. The models of the PoVJP are quite decorative, and though they look fragile, they are really tough, and they can stand the siege of two or even three man at the same time. Some say that Japanese are a kind of flat.

Now, in these videos they collected feature the bustiest AV Idols, so you can find here all sizes from the perky to huge. And what’s the best about them? They are mostly naturals, and the mostly means about 90% of them. So, the videos here have a few things in common. Firstly, they feature gorgeous Japanese AV Idols in hardcore scenarios. Second, these videos are all captured from the guys’ point of view, which makes it pretty exciting; however, the Japanese censor their porn, so they usually don’t shot in gonzo, thus you can’t find here close shots of the genitalia. The third common element is that these are all original Japanese adult videos. Of course, this way the collection isn’t exclusive, but it’s not easy to get your hands on Japanese DVDs. Due to this, you will probably run into some censored content, though there aren’t that much of them. You can find here everything you may like. The girls are sucking like angels, and they spread their legs as they must. When the models of the PoVJP are getting naked, everything turns nasty, and they seem to enjoy all kind of penetration: vaginal, oral and anal too.

In few words

Every Japanese-fan should take a look at the hardcore collection of the PoVJP. Though the videos are shot in Japan, by Japanese, they are very exciting, and since that country is technologically really advanced, you can expect much more videos of this type, with increasing quality. The updates seem to drop now and then, so the site is still alive, and if it keeps up with the schedule it will soon become one of the strongest sites of the network. If you are considering the site, you should also keep in mind that you get the full AllJapanesePass network to browse.

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