Petra Feet


Petra Feet is home to a smoking hot Italian lady who like to seduce males with her stimulating feet. Also, she is a solo actress who loves when her followers feel at home, all whilst she is provoking them with her amazing tight body as well as her erotic feet.

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Site specs

The flicks can be streamed in the flash format and can be downloaded as well. I did find that fresh videos are splashed in thrice in a month. And oh! They all come in an amazing Full HD resolution. Some even entail English subtitles, but subjectively hearing her speak in Italian is so romantic even though I cannot translate a word from her mouth. Users also get to access her blog that she is updating very often and it is crafted in a very appealing manner. As is the occasion with many other entertainers’ blogs, one does not need to have signed up on the platform to view content in it.

Nevertheless, a number of the personal entries need their individual password that is cataloged on the page hosting private posts, which only full users can gain entry. The private entries are an exceptional treat since whilst the publically viewable ones usually just focus latest updates to the website, these pin-protected ones display material you will not view any other place in the members’ section. Also, you might get to see some pretty hosiery, leggings, or even shoes that are neither shown in her image nor her clips zones.

The movies and the girls

My first time of logging on the website, I was not decided what I was coming here to look for. Yes, there is nudity, but just a splash. Nevertheless, I decided to dig deeper further. The initial thing I noticed when I paid a visit on this platform, is this smoking hot Italian lass. She has lengthy legs, dark hair, and a stimulating tight body. This chick for sure is an observer and by the by, her feet are very sexy. There is plenty of feet action to have almost everybody all warmed up.

One more thing I loved regarding Petra Feet is that the lady behind the site holds a good relationship with her members. Not only does she vend the stockings as well as the shoes she wears when shooting the videos and snaps, but also she interacts with her members every month. And oh! She does not communicate in English at all. Petra might not communicate might not communicate in English, but she does speak a desire language and this render herself your barred delusion. Somebody you will want to put on a pedestal as well as a foot worship. It this clanks like your type of amusement, then hop on the train and experience what this gals has in store for us.

When I visited this portal I did find that they have around 60 clips as well as 100 image galleries. Flash videos come in a resolution of about 800 X 450 with bitrates of 800 kilobytes/ sec or the downloads that are in MP4 format at best and play at 1920 X 1080 pixels with speeds reaching up to 7 mbps. The image galleries carry pictures that have a resolution of around 2000 X 3000 pixels.

In few words

Petra Feet affords its users some sensual solo foot action, which is trailed by a variety of leggings, shoes, and hosiery as well. The woman also speciously offers an individual communication with her users that many other websites out there neglect. Owing to these goodies and positives, this website might just be one worth looking at.

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