No one can simply resist a charming and cute girl. With those round and alluring eyes and a face that can automatically melt your heart away, not even a horny guy’s fantasy could escape from this temptation. What it likes to have them under the sheets will surely leave you wondering until you can’t just get enough thinking about these cuties. Well, if you’re tired of wondering and suppressing your feelings, PetiteTeens18 is the perfect site to feed your lingering fantasies.

Launched on 2015, the PetiteTeens18 porn website belongs to the amateur porn stars niche, slender girls niche and hardcore sex niche. It is a porn site intended for those who are aching for tight and fresh pussies. But more than these tight glory holes, the PetiteTeens18 site also have the prettiest models in the industry. These girls are definitely one of the best in their niche. PetiteTeens18 has been represented by the Paper Street Media, LLC which is a porn company situated in the United States. This company has been in the run since 2006 and already has over 39 member sites. Going back to PetiteTeens18, this site is not a large porn site with lots of contents. However, despite the fact that they do lack in this area, their high-quality contents and pretty porn stars can well compensate this. They do have the best selection of cute starlets that can surprise you in every videos they’re in.

The site does not have a lot of extras and other bonus contents too but again, the contents are all enough to make the most of your membership fee. The videos are also exclusive which is why you should not miss this chance to become a member too. If you are wondering how much it will cost you to get full access of these cute starlets, well, don’t worry as it won’t break your bank. They give special discounts, which makes them the cheapest adult paid porn sites. The billing type is also convenient and secured. However, there are bonus sites that go with your membership. A few of these sites are: POV Life, Titty Attack, This Girl Sucks, The Real Workout and Dyked. Aren’t you feeling excited just by reading these website names?

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Site specs

The site design is simple. It’s not one of those fancy sites with lots of glitters and advertisement in their site but the PetiteTeens18 adult site surely deliver what it promises, a pool of hardcore sex with amateur porn stars. The site’s header is also as cute as these girls. The color scheme used also fits the site’s personality. The site is also mobile-friendly. Viewing it on your mobile device is a hassle-free experience. At the home page, you’ll automatically be greeted with screen caps of erotic sex scenes which will give you enough idea what to expect on the video. By merely looking at these still pictures, you can immediately tell that these videos are all exclusive to this site, all original contents! Surely, the PetiteTeens18 porn site doesn’t mess around with their contents.

Aside from all these still pictures, you can also see the number of views of the video, the ratings of the video and the duration of the video. There’s also a catchy video title. The videos run for a good 30 minutes in average although there are some videos that are almost an hour long such as the “Are U Gonna Cum Yet?” scene, which runs for 17 minutes and 47 seconds. With enough patience, you’ll also come across with more of these half an hour long videos. You can view these videos on site or off site. The site has a flash player, which allows a good quality on-site viewing. These videos have a resolution of 1920×1080 at 3000k kilobytes per seconds. There’s also unlimited downloading of these videos which are in MP4 file format. These videos have a resolution of 960×540 at 2800 kilobytes per seconds. The average size of these videos is usually 500 megabytes but it could go higher for longer videos.

Aside from the videos, the site also has a wide collection of picture sets. There are approximately 28 picture sets in the site with around 110 pictures in each set. All these photos are in high resolution and can be downloaded in zip. However, viewing the pictures can be a bit hassle because you’ll have to press the go back button after viewing the picture individually. This is not a major problem though. Pretty sure you can easily get the hang of it.

The movies and the girls

The girls in these videos are very charming. Even in the thumbnail of the videos, you’ll have no doubts clicking each of the videos. They have these eyes that seem like begging for your attention. These girls are all fuck worthy. Although all of them are amateur porn stars, you can also see distinction on their body types. Some have huge breasts and fully developed body while some have A-cup tits. When it comes to the video, you’ll see that these girls enjoy different types of sexual pleasures. May it be oral sex, anal sex or a hardcore pussy banging, these girls are up for it without hesitations. The videos have a good storyline. There are some videos that go to the action directly with minimal foreplay while there are some that gives you enough time to build up your senses.

In few words

If you want to watch these porn stars getting their cherries popped, you should definitely not miss the PetiteTeens18 porn website. It is a highly recommended site that never fails to deliver good contents to their members. The thumbnails in their homepage will already make you wet your pants. You can never regret spending a few dollars on this site.

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