Burrow within your whims and then view the way they are playing from Mythic Women. They comprise of the ladies to make your fantasies come true. If they are saving the day or are the ones that need being saved, they have quite a kinky presentation. Their high-quality garments and acts will show you what you need, and you are already receiving it.

Site specs

When I logged in on the website, one thing hopped from the front page instantly, and that is, simplicity. It thrives and lives in here. I actually love the plainness depicted on the site design. A kudos to the collaborators and designers. They have employed an exceptional system for offering users the intuition they anticipate for, and that is, a preview window on the right side on the display. Click on your selection and a bigger snap bearing some textual description will unveil. It is then from here you get to enter the entirety. Another good thing I did find regarding the platform is the fact that the site is compatible with numerous mobile platforms. I own an iPhone and an android tablet and I managed to try browsing Mythic Women on both devices. The results were outstanding. The website loaded very well with amazing speeds. I did not experience any lag whatsoever. Folks who are always on the go will find this capability very handy. Get to download your favorite media in your hard drive. There are no DRM constraints. Thanks to the efficient flash player that allows users to stream the movies onsite. Also, one can view the images online in a slideshow. You can save an entire gallery in a zip set. Very cool, huh?

The movies and the girls

Mythic Women will make you recall Xenia, the princess, apart from they are a tad more advanced into the erotica segment here. The subscription plan is low in cost, quality said to be great with frequent updates. They have taken this period in life, or what one could see life to have been like and operated in well with the apt kind of setting, outfit, and props. They reveal plenty of nudity all through, and will take you by the imagination packed hand and direct you into a setting of chains and dungeons, offering the servitude stance that will go off with a fetish bend, and yet remain sheathed in soft-core fashion. I noticed some bitches stuffing the pages are mavens, whilst others are amateur, however they all apparently know unerringly how to take the fantasy posing to life, with an almost gothic appearance. The video formats come in three versions. The initial format is the Windows Media Video which comes in a high definition resolution of 1280 X 720 and bitrates of 3 megabytes per second, the second being the flash videos, and they entails 1280 X 720 pixels with speeds if 3200 kilobytes per second, and last the MP4 files that come in HD resolutions of 1280 X 720 and a slightly higher bitrate of 3610 kb/s. Speaking of the images, there are more than 110 picture galleries and each gallery carries approximately 60 photos. They come in either full-screen images or even zip archives.

In few words

Guys who enjoy or participate in the reforms of diverse moments, Mythic Women will definitely hit near to home, offering them a position into their inner desire. Pretty ladies in barred enclosures, piercings, tattoos, huge boobs, sorceress, pussy mounds, and even greater appeal than you can see is just the start of what is provided from the movie, and, they have done a good thing at maintaining their precise niche feeding onto the webpages. The site isn’t updated, check this list of good porn sites for another subscription.

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