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MySexySavita is a premier and exclusive site offering Indian MILF porn. Savita is a representation of an Indian sexually liberated woman, who doesn’t mind having sex with multitudes of men, for her liberated soul seeks to enhance her sexual quotient. A typical Indian MILF is generally addressed as Bhabhi, as a mark of respect. Watching a MILF as such is arousing and thrilling, but watching an Indian MILF has a charm that probably Latinas, Europeans and Asians cannot give. Indian sluts have hitherto been away from the porn world, but with the advent of the Internet and proliferation of porn sites, there has been a new-found energy to include sexy Indian sluts in mainstream porn, and MySexySavita is one such attempt.

A beautiful chick with the name of Savita Patel graces this amazing site, and uses her sexuality to the hilt to seduce men, have them fuck her and cum all over her. Her sexcapades are the talk of the town, which she and her husband enjoy a lot. Such a sexy site offering heart-rending and stupendous scenes and videos gives you a great time jerking-off. To help you achieve this, we have compiled a review, thorough in nature, covering various aspects that define the awesomeness of MySexySavita, and include its design and features and a very comprehensive description of Savita Patel, who has made this site possible.

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Site specs

MySexySavita has used a very sexy website, using an awesome colour combination comprising of white, golden yellow, black and to a great extent, ochre. White is the basic background colour, on which all other colours are imposed. Black is used in strips and boxes over the site, as well as for text on the white portions and ochre boxes. All video thumbnails are loaded on the black boxes. The strips help separate one section from the other. White is also used as the text colour on the black boxes and strips. Ochre is used for boxes, and the flowery designs, while golden yellow is used for the lovely logo at the centre of the header, at the top. The header has two black strips, at the top and at the bottom. The top strip urges you to watch the porn movies on MySexySavita. The larger bottom strip has tabs to take you to the videos section, member’s login page and the homepage.

On the right, an ochre box takes you to the joining or subscription page. What will attract you is the beautiful banner at the top, between the two black strips in the header. A set of seven images of Savita Patel is shown, getting fucked in various positions, and naked. You will find that the slut has her eyes covered with an eye-mask. The floral design in golden yellow and ochre spread across the two black strips. Below the header, a black box houses the description of Savita Bhabhi, or Savita Patel, the hottest Indian aunty or MILF in the XXX world.

Savita’s statistics and other details are seen in a white box within the black box, below the description of Savita. She loves sexual intercourse a lot, and details her likes and dislike, her height, her vital stats, favourite sex position, and her active sexual partners. Now starts the video section, with a series of videos placed in a grid format across the site. Each cell in the grid holds a black box, with a large thumbnail of Savita getting fucked, having her breasts fondled, or her pussy eaten or she is sucking a cock with full energy. There are about 24 video thumbnails spread over four sections, each with a black strip as a separator with a Click Here to Watch Full Video placed in an ochre coloured box.

The movies and the girls

Savita Patel, that’s the slut featured exclusively in all videos on MySexySavita. She is a horny MILF who is sexually liberated, and loves the freedom to fuck the guy of her choice, without fear of any bad repercussions. Her frank and open-minded outlook towards sex has endeared to her fans, not only in India but all over the world. Her stats are very interesting and reads 38DD-30-36. Any slut with such stats will be called nothing but a sex goddess. The 38DD breasts make her a darling for any man, for men are always attracted to those two huge milk jugs, with the expectation that she will be full of milk and can suck her dry. Her 30-inch waist is curvy, and any wild and horny stud will love to explore those curves and kiss them softly, and hold from behind when fucking her in doggy style.

No wonder, Savita loves the doggy style position the most, as it gives her male partner the opportunity to squeeze her waist and bend to reach out to her awesome 38DD boobs. The huge booty, measuring 36 inches, sways sexily when she walks, and makes an excellent ball for spanking, and a lovely cushion when pounding her from behind. She loves cum, and cannot wait to suck a man’s cock till he cums inside her mouth. Till date, she has had over 45 active partners for sex, and with time, this number is only expected to increase. And as she fucks more men, she will give you an opportunity to jerk-off to her moves. And who knows, you may get an opportunity to fuck this cunt soon. All videos are in HD quality. A subscribed member has access to many photos as well, which are in high resolution. All videos carry some stats which include the number of views and the number of likes.

In few words

Oh, you seem to be desperate to check out how sexy Savita Patel is, right? Then, I will not come in between you and Savita. You, or better still, your cock needs her desperately. Before you check her out, get to know the subscription details. There are various subscription options, ranging from a 2-day trial to a one-year membership. The annual membership is the best, for it will not only give you deep discounts, but it is also a non-recurring membership plan, indicating that once you pay, just forget everything and focus only on the MILF star of your dreams, Savita Patel.

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