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What is the body part that you love most about the girl? Is it the sexy curvy body? Is it the long legs that could go for miles? Or is it the spanking hot ass that she has? For us, in the office, there is a lot who have answered all three. The winner, though, amongst all the body parts is still the pair of magical boobs. Yes, boobs still make it to the top of the list! And we are not surprised. After all, boobs are great. There are some of us who don’t get the required numbers of boob squeezing and looking every day. Fortunately for us blokes who experience this, there is porn to turn too. And there are definitely a lot of porn sites that feature this magnificent creation. There is one thing that kind of bothers us, the quality of the porn and the boobs that you are going to find on these sites. Have you ever experienced this kind of problem? For instance, you have found the best perky boobs in the world but the video is either too grainy, or the site’s servers are too slow that you can’t even stream or download well enough to view the video completely. There are some sites, though, that have really fast servers and good quality videos too. However, the problem is the boobs now. Some of them look monstrously big and artificial (you will notice that when it is not proportionate to the girl’s ass), or too saggy. This means that it could be pretty challenging to find a perfect boobs site that contains the perfect balance between boobs and videos…until now. We have found this porn site called MyBoobs, and this is the site that we are going to talk about today. It did not mention that it is affiliated with a porn network, however, it did indicate on the sign-up page that you are going to have access to thirty-three porn sites more once you have signed up for any membership plans. So this means that they are in partnership with other porn sites as well, it’s just that they did not provide any additional information. Speaking of membership, here are the different membership options in case you are wondering. They have a one-year membership offered through a monthly recurring plan, a fixed one-month membership, and finally a full ninety days membership that gives you one month for free.

Good porn paysite for big boobs fans.

Site specs

The website design of this porn site is very visual and it really engages your eyes. The first impressive thing that you are going to see which will surely invite your eyes to take a look is their sliding banner. It contains different sexy pictures that you can take a look at. These are the pictures of their best porn stars (and boobs) on the porn site. We have noticed though that it slides faster than the usual ones we see on other porn sites. Good thing, though, that when you hover over it, it actually pauses. This is a thumbs up from us because it is helpful especially when you would want to take a look at a particular picture and stop the whole thing from moving without needing to click it. Below the banner, you will be able to see the different membership that you are going to get after signing up. These are the thirty-three sites that we have mentioned above, unlimited streaming and downloading of videos, the more than three thousand five hundred scenes that they have, and the more than a thousand and one hundred models that they feature on the porn site. We also liked that they have a fixed navigation bar which scrolls down with you even as you move along the page. In this way, you will be able to see and access anything anytime, even as you reach the bottom of the page. Going back to the layout, after the features, the next thing that you are going to see is a preview video of their latest upload. From this video alone, you will already notice the high-quality of their content. Their videos are clearly shot with the latest equipment since they have that full high-definition feature. Aside from the preview video, you will also see their Twitter updates on the right side of the screen. After that, you may then move on to take a look at their thumbnails. These thumbnails present their latest videos. They contain a bunch of information that you would find useful. Their titles, for instance, contain the name of the porn star or stars that are in that video. Aside from the title, you will also see the date when the video was uploaded and its duration or length. Another scroll down will reveal bigger thumbnails, and this batch presents their photo albums. The thumbnails and their content are virtually the same. It contains the same type of title that indicates the name of the porn star and the date when it was added to the site. The only thing that is different, though, is that instead of the duration, you will see the number of photos that the album contains.

The movies and the girls

And now, for our favorite part of the review. After scrolling down, you will at the very bottom of the page some more information about the site, and this was when we discovered that MyBoobs actually presents Polish girls! We were very surprised. We really did not expect it because it is our first time to witness a porn site that presents girls from Poland. One thing that we can say about them is that we are very pleased because they are all freaking hot. Look at those boobs! Plus, you will see in the videos that you just know these girls like it dirty.

In few words

In the end, if you really like boobs, then this porn site should definitely be on your list of sites that you should sign up for. Most of all, the reason is because you are not going to find these girls their photo albums, and their videos elsewhere. They are totally a hundred percent exclusive.

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