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What makes a girl more attractive is when they’re confident, not only when they approach people but also when it comes to their sexuality. Miley Mason is one example of this and there’s no wonder why she’s taking the porn industry by storm. You probably haven’t heard a lot about her and that’s much because she’s still an amateur porn star. But if you want to get to know more of her, she built her self-titled empire in the World Wide Web, MileyMason.

Miley Mason is not an ordinary porn site that serves as a dumpsite of any porn related videos in the internet. Rather, this is a site intended for a budding porn star, Miley Mason. This site belongs to the Individual Models niche and Amateur Girls niche. It started on March 2010 and from then on, this site is where anyone from her followers can take a sneak peek of her private life and her private parts. This site shows how Miley Mason pleases herself without any man’s help. This hot and independent woman posts masturbating and stripping videos. Those tight ass and perky boobs are definitely to die for. Her pink and shaved pussy is also a gem that any guy would be jealous of Miley’s dildo wishing they were the dildo instead.

On the landing page of the site, you’ll be greeted with a picture of Miley where she’s wearing a see through underwear posing in such a way that her ass is facing the camera. You can even see her glory hole if you look closely. Of course if you’re not yet a member, you can’t get enough hold of this chick. Such a bummer, right? But don’t worry, taking a step closer to this sex goddess is just a walk in the park. The membership is just within your pocket’s reach. If you’re in doubt of this lady’s abilities and wanted to give it a try first, the site also has a trial period. Surely, you’ll end up choosing between the monthly or annual membership after the trial expires. Sadly, the site only accepts online checks. Part of the site membership is an access to 32 bonus sites. Some of these sites are also solo sites which I’d like believe are friends with Miley Mason.

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Site specs

The site’s navigation is good. Miley Mason’s is not a huge site as there is not much content here so it does not necessarily require an impressive navigation tool. I think its current navigation is just enough but if it expands in the future, it might need an upgrade. The site also has an “About Me” section where you can find a short biography about our pretty starlet. Knowing that Miley is still starting in the business, this section helps people get to know her better and eventually loves her more. The site also has a free tour where you can view a limited amount of content. For the videos and pictures, the free tour only has one page of videos and pictures that you can check. If you want more from this, well you have to sign up and become a member.

When it comes to the content presentation, there are only screenshot pictures from the video, the title, and the date when it was uploaded. There are no video descriptions so if you want to feed your curiosity, you really have to click the video and watch it. There are no update logs so the only way you can check the frequency of the updates is by checking on the upload dates of the videos. From there, you can simply get the pattern. Watching the video, you can either stream it or download it. The flash player plays the video in 960×540. The WMV file format is at 960×540 with a bit rate of 3000 kbps and the MP4 files are at 1920×1080 with 5000 kbps. The site also allows you to download the videos in full movie or in short clips. So if you have storage limitations in your devices, you might want to opt for downloading the short clips where you can delete after watching and replace with a new clip. The download speed is also excellent in this site. There are already more than 91 videos in the site. The average running time of these videos is 20 minutes long.

The pictures are crisp and sharp with a resolution of 3000×2000. These pictures are all in excellent quality and looks like they were taken by a professional. There were minimal airbrushing and touch ups in the photos which still made the photos look natural. There are currently more than 75 galleries in the collection. Each of these galleries contains 120 pictures each. Good thing these are also available in zip download.

The movies and the girls

Miley Mason introduces herself in a short biography in the “About Me” section of her site. From there, she talked about where she grew up and how she grew up. This pretty bombshell lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She also talked about her hobbies and the things that she were up to before she became a porn star. Miley is not only hot and seductive but she’s also a talented girl. She announced that she practiced various activities and sports such as ballet, gymnastics and ice skating. With this, we can’t help but to get excited how she use these skills in her new career.

Miley’s physical attributes are something that a promising porn star has, a tight ass, perky boobs, and a slender figure. Her angelic face is also hard to resist. She enjoys getting naked in her videos rather than dressing up like what most girls of her age are fond of. This short haired and blonde is a good find.

In few words

It’s pretty exciting how Miley Mason progresses as a porn star in the upcoming years. Her videos are all very erotic and even if it’s a solo video, you simply can’t get enough of it. Her flawless body will make anyone want to check on her every day. The bonus sites are also a good bunch of stuffs that are included in the membership that won’t even break your bank. This is not something that you should miss.

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