Massage Rooms


Massage Rooms is the best sexy massage porn site that gives you lots of videos in full and ultra HD specs. The girls and the dudes are in need of a massage, but they also harbor other cravings beneath the surface. Luckily, for these clients, both of their needs are taken care of. Check out the highly sensual and erotic massage, and experience your orgasm even before the hardcore action begins in the Massage Rooms.

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Site specs

The site meets you with a well laid out tour page and a homely message of invitation to relaxation. There are many ways to browse and access the content. Finding your way around the site is easy. The home page invites you to a host of thumbnails and tagged images that click straight to the action. There is a page navigation tweak that allows you to skip a couple of pages ahead. You can also skip to the last page or go back to the first one with ease. Users can also stream videos and download content as much as they wish.

There is no download limit imposed. I was also impressed with the weekly updates. The site updates twice weekly. You are treated to great quality videos in MP4. If you like extras on your subscription, you are lined up for great entertainment. Members are allowed to access all the sites on Sexy Hub as bonuses. I was aroused by the hot content on such sites as Mom XXX, Lesbea and Girlfriends XXX. The content can also be accessed from mobile devices. I could stream and download straight from my phone without glitches.

The movies and the girls

The site boasts of some of the most refined models on the porn scene. I was impressed with the classic model looks that made my cock start ticking in my pants. The dudes are just as attractive and virile-looking. There are several MP4s available for download. Some of the flicks are in full HD specs that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You are, firstly, treated to movies showing girls being massaged by dudes and vice versa. They squeeze and touch tenderly until you begin to see them get aroused right on camera.

I could see dudes summon their cocks to full attention below the towel; so much so that the girls could not help but remove these towels and savor the real thing; with their eyes at first, and then with their hands and mouths. Yes, you are slowly and expertly led into the hardcore action. All the hairs on your body will have already risen by the time the sex begins, thanks to the soothing and stimulating action on the set. I was also treated to numerous threesomes and group sex stunts that made me feel hot. The girls on the set have their bodies covered in oil. I could not help ogling at the shiny boobs and bums.

There are over 390 videos available for users to check out on Massage Rooms. You are also treated to high-quality photos. Check out over 400 photo sets, with hundreds of pics per set. I could download these photos in the zip files provided on the site. The shooting of the videos is impeccable. It is a testament to the experience that the site has gathered over the years.

In few words

It is evident that Massage Rooms provides much more than just a massage. I was aroused by the sheer models’ beauty. These girls are material for the most competitive beauty pageant. I was also treated to hardcore sex that borders on amateur sex. The girls feel natural in action. The dudes are up to the task. The natural flow from massage to sex makes the porn look real.

This site has been closed, you can find similar content here.

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