Longing for someone to have a great time with? Why not try the safest way of doing it: online. Ifriends is one of the largest video chat websites in the world, offering live broadcast to millions of people around the world. Nearly half a million of models, boys and girls, wait for you on IFriends to make you feel loved and appreciated, the way YOU want to.

Site specs

The site is super easy to use and focuses on your experience alone. It is simplistic and offers a minimalistic point of view so that you can really focus on what you went there to do. The same goes with the visuals and colors; they are simple and blend together perfectly. The site is built to offer the best, right from the start. All categories are accessible right from the start in one simple to use and relevant top menu bar. Rather than that, the page is filled with dozens of thumbnails, featuring webcam models for every taste. On the left you have another menu featuring the fresh faces, top performers and an activity feed similar to that of Facebook, where you can see what is being discussed in intimate chat rooms from all over the place. On top with the best feature I seen on a porn site in long time: a Birthdays tab, were you can access all the models that celebrate their birthdays today. How awesome is that? The site is mobile friendly and with such an immense database of models, it is certain that you will continue the fun even after you have left the confines of your house.

The movies and the girls

There is no such thing as scenarios or prescribed activities on Ifriends. Here the models do exactly one thing, and that is what you want: the viewer. You will find everything you want here! With more than 525,000 active models, which perform on regular basis and ranging from amateurs and professionals to transgender and MILFs with all the in-betweens. iFrriends.net doesn’t judge on taste or preference, they know that for every kink there is a guy or girl who enjoys it. That is why here you will find whatever is that you are seeking without facing any discrimination. All videos have fair quality and all of them can be downloaded for later use or when you want to take them with you in zones where there is not internet coverage All videos are fresh and made on the spot, here there is no such words as old or overdue, because all videos are streaming live. Access to every live webcam is free once you registered for a free account. You read correctly. On IFriends, you can watch every live show without any constraint and can even interact with the models. But the party really gets started only when you take the model you like on a private channel, where no one can bother you. This is where you have to pay, the model won’t leave the others for free. The site provides with very fair and rapid methods of payment so that you can return to your beloved models in no time at all. Imagine having a gorgeous man or woman at the tip of your fingernails, with a desire to do anything that pleases you, all while being safe and sound in the confines of your own home. The best video chat experience that I had was on IFriends. And with a variety of models so complex I am sure you can also find what you seek on IFriends.

In few words

16 year of video chat experience and a number of model so high you can spend all your life watching and still not getting bored, it is easily to see why IFriends is one of the top decisions, when it comes to video chat and online sex experience.

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