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One of the biggest amateur GF porn site, Hot GF videos is indeed filled with sizzling hot girlfriends that will surely take your heart away. You can expect a lot of GF hardcore videos in this site in different lengths and scripts. There are girlfriend xxx scenes that revolve around lesbian sex too. There are definitely a lot of steamy sex videos that you can find all throughout the network.

Nice porn website paid with very hot girlfriends

Site specs

One of the simplest porn sites, Hot GF videos has a basic layout and direct to the point contents. From the homepage alone, you will already notice that it has a very straightforward layout. You will immediately see all the interesting stuffthat you can find in the site like a sneak peek of the photo collection and quick glance at the video clips. You will also be introduced to the long list of these blazing hot amateur models as you will be greeted by their naked pictures in the homepage. These pictures are proudly sitting on the uppermost section of the site through the large banner.

The number of videos in the site seems endless because there are tons of new additions in a month. These videos are already as many as 3000 in the site’s entire collection. The submissions just keep on coming and the storylines also keep on getting better. You can also expect fresh faces, at least two in every five newly added clips. What makes it better is that these amateur videos are available in a dimension as big as 640×480. You can also enjoy these full-length videos with the site’s flash player. Speaking of which, the site’s flash player is a reliable player that provides smooth and good quality playback. You won’t also have to wait longer for the entire video to load because the flash player only takes one to three seconds to buffer.

The player also contains an option to download the video and enjoy it offline. However, it does not have too many of these options. In fact, you can only download an MP4 version of the video but the good thing is, there are no extra fees, no matter how much time you spend streaming or downloading these videos. To make the contents accessible and manageable, the site puts up filtering and sorting options for these videos. Anyone can sort these videos according to the date it was uploaded, the number of views it has, the rating of the videos and the title of the video. All these are very easy to use, simple tools that can really help a lot.

The photo collection of the site is also as flourishing as the videos. There are over 7430 photo galleries in the collection and all of these are also user submitted like the videos. In a gallery, there are approximately 20 images that you can enjoy. These photos are amateur with minimal flaws in lighting but it can be touched up by the editing. You can find landscape and portrait images of girls stripping naked, easing the audience with every seductive pose that they have. There are also no restrictions if you download these images. Aside from downloading pictures one by one, you can also download multiple pictures in one go. If you find it difficult to organize all these galleries, you can also sort them out by the options that you can find in the videos section. You can sort the images according to date, views, rating and title.

Just when you thought that these 3000 videos and 7000 photos were enough for the value of your money, Hot GF videos is giving away more than what you paid for because of the 28 sites that you can freely access with your membership. These sites are also part of Hot GF videos’ network, Amaland. Overall, these sites contain thousands and thousands of girlfriend-themed contents from straight sex to lesbian sex.

The movies and the girls

If you are looking for girls that naturally belong to the porn industry, these girls in Hot GF videos are definitely the ones that you are looking for. These girls, despite being amateur, look comfortable while they please themselves and do all the dirty stuff in front of the camera. They have so much potential to be professional porn stars. Speaking of professional porn stars, you can also see some videos with professional actresses in it. However, these types of video are not the usual kind that these pros make a living from. These low budget videos clearly show the private sex lives of these popular sex icons and Hot GF videos has made it public for its members.

Moreover, that scenario alone already gives us an idea of how diverse the models are in the site. You can find models from different corners of the world, different ethnicities and different races. You can also find girls who are different in their physical attributes such as the size of their breasts and the shape of their butts. In other’s perspective, hair color usually gives an impression which sometimes determine the superiority of a person. However, in Hot GF videos, all these girls are equally beautiful regardless of their hair colors, which means that blondes are as beautiful as the brunettes and as well as the others. There are also a lot of scenes to expect from the site. Like solo sex, group sex, couple sex, lesbian sex, straight sex, anal sex, and kinky sex. You will be exposed to all sorts of exciting amateur stuffs.

In few words

Hot GF videos is a great site to watch amateur porn videos. It has hardcore porn that will surely set you in flames. Why wouldn’t it be great when the website is very responsive to begin with? It can take you to the different sections of the site without troubles. In the contents section, you will just get amazed with the large collection that is waiting for you. I will surely recommend this site to everyone.

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