I think I am probably speaking on behalf of every man on the face of the earth who has ever watched and enjoyed porn when I say that by far the best kind of porn has sexy chicks in it doing hardcore stuff. But there is one more kind of porn that manages to be even better than that, namely girls at barely majority age getting fucked hardcore IN HD! So let’s take a good look at HDSex18.

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Site specs

To be honest, the design of a porn site is never really that important, because we all know why we go to porn sites. We go there for the girls and the content, the design of the site is secondary at best. I am willing to bet you that if you ask someone who watches a lot of porn what are the differences in the design of one website or another, they will not have the first clue. That being said, however, the right design goes a long way and HDSex18 really hits the mark. The concept of the design is very simple. A basic dark background and some brightly colored pink writing. Pink is often a great choice for porn websites because it’s associated with girly things so, given the fact that this is a website about chicks, it was a good choice. What the design of the website basically does is that it deliberately makes you not notice it, and instead draws your attention to the material on the site because it makes the images clearer and more defined. The site has a pretty simple menu, with 4 sections, one for Home, Scenes, Girls and Members and the videos on the website each have great and large HD thumbnail images to let you know what the main point of the video is. The site not only has a mobile version, but it has multiple versions of the mobile versions so it is in fact optimized for the operating system, with a mobile site for iPhone OS and one for Android so no need to worry that the site will not work well on your phone or tablet.

The movies and the girls

HDSex18 has a motto if you will. “Sexy girls having sex in high definition videos” and in a lot of ways that pretty much says it all when it comes to the content of this website. The bodies are tight, the faces are fresh, the tits are perky and the pussies are shaved. The website has a great selection to choose from, and updates pretty frequently so you will not get bored. At the moment there are around 245 videos in HD or Full HD resolution, all available for download for the members of the site so no need to worry about how they will look like on your screen of choice, because as I already mentioned before, the site comes in multiple mobile formats so even if you are streaming, or downloading and watching later, the videos will look great whether you’re watching them off a phone, tablet, laptop or even on a TV. The videos last close to half an hour each, and they usually start with some talking and flirting, which can get really boring most of the time, but it’s not the case here, because 30-90 seconds into the video, they get to fucking.

In few words

If you love sexy chicks and watching their pussies stretched open, their asses gaped and their little mouths fucked and filled with cum, you should definitely head straight for HDSex18 and sign up today.

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