Harlem Swagger


When I talk of the site Harlem Swagger, you get great looking black studs with hard body shapes and everything comes here in ebony style, all the hardcore movies in high resolution. Plus add to that there are lots of bonuses to avail. There is a stunning collection of videos where you will find plenty of interracial action. There are no pretensions of being either highbrow or being culturally significant. These amateur gay studs have huge cocks filled with lots of cum and when they engage with another well-constructed dude and fuck the hell out of him from behind, the visuals are extremely stimulating, particularly for a gay porn lover. The promises are genuine content and the videos state that they have managed to fulfill each and every one of their obligations. The thrust is great, the cum-shots are hot, the blow jobs and ball suck is stimulating, the place will certainly turn out to be your wettest dream. When I was inside the portal, I was impressed by their variety of porn actors. All of them were ebony but there was some different about each and every one of them. You will find plenty of abs in each one of them and when they go about their business on camera, their physique as well as their attitude to sex will definitely turn you on. If you are a female or gay porn lover, you love every thrust which is given by huge poles in their tight asses. Witnessing these muscled butts flexing to make taut asses, their cheeks all the more firmer, their mighty handsome faces and also the beautiful sight of sweat which runs down their stunning bodies will make your hearts all the more enthralled. The mere sight of glistening hard pecs and those sparkling beads of perspiration sliding down their set of washboard abs will make you horny and weak in your knee region. However there are some flaws of the site and major one which came in front of me too. I noticed that the site does not have a great download. They do allow you to watch videos online and offline but it does take a great deal of time for them to download. I also learned that the updates are also not that consistent and takes place far in between. This is why perhaps even with having such a vast number of videos; they still have not managed to attain the kind of popularity which it could have. Now that I have stated the general facts about the site, it is time to check out some of the other essential points of the site such as the design, the layout as well as the steps to get an account. So follow closely.

Great pay porn site gay with amateur content.

Site specs

The website is nice in its appearance and as you enter the main page you will find that the menu options are properly given right in front. There is also a search engine which you can use to find the video which you want to watch. You will find all the thumbnails presented at the top of the site and they are all available for downloading at a very cheap subscription. You will have to set up an account first and the steps are to enter some of your personal details such as your name and email and also select a username and a password. The subscription rate will be given on that same page and after selecting that you can send out your request. A confirmation will affirm you about the status of your account and if it is a positive one, then you will be able to access all the explicit stuff inside the different pages hassle free. The payment has to be carried out with your credit or debit cards and to sort out your payment as well as account issues; they provide you link to their customer care help desk. The site is also well protective about the details which you provide and they will not let it be used for any malware operations. You will also find that the video samples are tagged with the number of likes and the name of the actors participating in the action. The quality of the videos is good but they are nowhere as compared to some of the high resolution videos you will find elsewhere. The site is also responsive to some of the most used mobile phone operating systems and using that you can also download the videos anytime and from anywhere.

The movies and the boys

The black studs have gorgeous dicks and stunning bodies. When they fuck or suck, their skin appears extremely desirable. They are also quite the lookers and when they engage in some raunchy boy-boy action, their facial expressions and their body reactions are also quite good. The action is not just restricted indoors but also outdoors and each of them has a good runtime. The streaming option is available and there are no DRM impositions on the download limit. There are no pictures in the site and that is a shame as they would have made way for superb wallpapers. There are over 5000 movies to download and stream and to add to that there are plenty of bonus offers given to you once you become one of its members.

In few words

The site has great value for money and gives you some great ebony studs in some erotic sex action. Though there are some issues regarding the navigation or consistency of updates, but as far as what they have, you will your affiliation tenure to be a profitable one. The bonus sites are also good and getting all of them at such a cost effective price is awesome. So come and pay this site a visit. You will surely not regret it.

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