Girlfriends Who Cheat


Men are sexually active by nature. Did you know that two out of three people who visit adult websites are men? Statistics also show that 20 percent of men admitted to watch porn while at work. So what does this imply? This simply tells us that men think about sex more often than women. Probably, not a day goes by without some men thinking about ways to please himself. Well, if you’re this type of guy, consider yourself lucky if you have a girlfriend because these are your heaven sent ticket to fulfill your sexual fantasies anytime of the day. But however, have you wondered what it’s like to hook up with multiple girls each day? I mean that loyalty is everything but sometimes, you just can’t help but to get curious. There are a lot of girls out there to miss the fun.

If you want to feed these lustful desires, you better check out the Girlfriends Who Cheat porn site. It is a dating porn site that features girls that are also cheating on their partners. Well, how does double trouble sound like? These are girls who are looking for some one night or probably a quick hook up nearby. And yes! It is a great site because you’ll know who among these girls are just within your vicinity, so there’s no reason why you should just keep your horniness to yourself when you can even hang out and bang this girl personally? The site has been running for six years now since its launching last November 2011. It is managed by the Fuel Virtual Inc, a company based in the United States. It has owned over 12 sites already and so far the company has been doing a great job in managing and advertising their sites.

Girlfriends Who Cheat provides purely exclusive adult entertainment videos that you can enjoy. These videos belong to the Amateur Girls niche. Actually, it’s kind of difficult to look for some professional porn stars here because the concept of the site is more like a social networking site with some favors for sexual pleasure. You can choose from the 3 days free membership, and the paid monthly membership. The membership is just cheap and if you also think about it, the membership is already a great offer knowing the kind of services that you can get from here. To add up to the list of what you should be excited about, here are the following bonus sites that are included in the membership: Porn Mastermind, Sex Boss POV, Bangable, Fucked Hard Gfs, FuckedHard18Mobile, Massage Room Seduction and Reality Sex Network. There’s still more from the list and you better check the rest once you register.

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Site specs

The site is very simple but loaded with sensual and nude pictures of these cheating girls. I wonder how they keep their boyfriends unsuspected of their whereabouts in this site. The look and feel of the site is indeed a dating site feel. There are several buttons that members can use to connect with each other, especially with the girls that they like. To contact the girl directly, the site has a “Meet Me” button which will lead you to the contact details of the model. From here, both of you can arrange a steamy hook up section.

The site offers videos and photos that you can browse during your horny nights. The videos can be downloaded or streamed, whichever you prefer. If you want to watch them through the site’s Flash player or in-browser player, you won’t have a problem watching them in high definition. If you want to download them, there also no problem getting them in HD. The downloaded videos are only in MP4 or Windows Media format. The photos are also available in zip downloads. Aside from the private meet up, and erotic photos and videos, the site also allows live web cam sessions. This is for those men who are quite shy to ask one of these girls out. This feature comes with a separate fee though.

The movies and the girls

There are a lot of girls in this site already. There’s a variety of gorgeous faces and sexy bodies here. However, these girls do have a common denominator and that is that they are cheating on their boyfriends. Few of the well-known girls are Rainbow Chik, Lovelie Cassy, and Peachy Victoria. These girls have their different reasons why they cheated on their boyfriend. Peachy Victoria, for example, admitted that she was once a shy girl until her friend introduced her to this site and that’s when she started to feel confident with her body.

These 30 seconds video should be tempting enough to make all guys check these girls out. If they also want a full video, the membership area is just a few clicks away though. One of the prime example is Sweet Carmen. This tall blonde chick is brave enough to pose for a nude photo exposing her pretty pussy and well-rounded butt. She also described herself as a very sexually driven individual together with her boyfriend. So she probably just joined the site to try new things out.

In few words

Girlfriends who cheat is a promising porn site for those who wants to take their porn watching game to the next level. It is filled with very hot girls who would do anything for sex. The sleek website design is also an investment because nobody would want to explore an unorganized site, right? There are also a lot of girls that you can choose from. Seeing who’s nearby is also a good way to play out your sex escapades while nearby. This way, you won’t miss a chance hooking up with a sexy and hot girl for free!

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