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Hardcore has always been my favorite genre, especially the one that includes pissing, really intense fucking, with more than one dick, and many more, kinkier things that I am sure you are aware of. Though hardcore has a way of catching people off guard, and is definitely not for those of a meeker nature, that prefer your average fucking. Those people should stay away from GGGDevot and let the true hardcore fans enjoy their love of porn.

Site specs

The site is beautifully designed, in such a way that makes you, the viewer, make the most out of it and enjoy the scenes, as well as a very user friendly interface. Once you get to the home page, you are greeted by a black background, furnished with different shades of green and yellow, presumably the shades of piss. There are images of girls near the logo, taking dicks in the mouth and the pussy, while below, you would be able to find many previews, which are of a high resolution, too. The actual videos lie in a section for reserved for the members, and is reachable by joining for a cheap price. Likewise, the site is there to guide you in the process, as well as help you become a member, and a happy one, as well, once you see the lagless site and its many perks. The site also works amazingly well on mobile devices, likewise on the desktop, too. The streaming is fast and without lag, as is the browsing, showing great optimization.

The movies and the girls

Yet the technical perks are only perks, and the real deal are the videos, which all of you have come to see. The videos are amazing, and only because of the girls that love getting their pussies rammed by cocks very big and juicy. The kind of action you are going to see will get you hard in a moment’s notice, especially when you see the asshole of that girl get stuffed with a chain, or even more, something like a tube, though that one would go in a pussy. The tube is actually for the piss, so that the girl can drink it while getting fucked and sucking on another dick simultaneously. What about black soldiers getting hard for that one white girl? What about those same soldiers pissing on her and cumming in her mouth? Yeah, that is also the tip of the iceberg, and even kinkier action awaits you once you join. The girls also love to piss on one another while they get ravished in their asses and pussies. It is very common for a girl to have two dicks in her pussy, or one in her ass and in her pussy while another two or three would be near her mouth, awaiting sucking while being jerked off. Pissing in her mouth after all of that would be common, as well as orgasms following the piss shower.

In few words

Join the hardcore club and lose no more time on lag, or on useless eye candy which tries to deter you from the thing that matters, the content. The content is great and the girls are kinky in a way that will get you aroused in seconds. With a multi pass, you become the winner as you get much content for a cheap fee. The content is different, yet all of a great quality and very arousing.

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