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I have grown tired of all the fake porn out there. Never can a person be happy and completely satisfied watching the pornstars and the celebrities moan their asses out from all the fake sex and the terrible, non-arousing orgasms. Luckily, a person can be aroused by some simple, yet very real dancing, stripping and plain old masturbation, especially when it is done by amateur girls. On gfslovepanties, such content could be found, all amateurs, all user submitted.

Cheap porn pay site for amateur sex lovers.

Site specs

The design caught my eye immediately, the site being done in a fashion which would attract anyone’s attention, and not just those who are specifically on a lookout for novel porn and action. The giant collage on the top of the page is consisted of many different photos of girls in their panties, masturbating, or just being very much inviting. Below that collage are buttons which lead you to the members’ area, if you become a member. Becoming one is easy and has a lot of perks, for a very small fee. The actual sections where the videos and photos are, is done in a very nice way, sorted, and has a search bar. Those things make the selection process easier, as you could use the filters or just type in what you prefer. The site runs very smoothly, which is always a good thing, mainly because the site has so much content. Having content is not a burden on the bandwidth, even on the mobile devices, where the site runs as smoothly as on the desktops and laptops.

The movies and the girls

The content is, though, what everyone would join the site for. Doing so would not be a mistake, for the many reasons that will be listed now. The girls are completely amazing, in a way that sill stun you, mesmerize you, taunt you, arouse you, and eventually lead you to a very explosive orgasm. Dancing in front of the camera, shaking their asses, with slow moves and fast ones, you are likely to be captivated very quickly. That is not the only thing they are accustomed to, the site being home to many amateur videos and photos, added by the many users, worldwide. Even you could add your own videos, should you decide to share them with us. Getting to know the girls is a great pleasure, especially the various panties they have and love to take off, or seemingly take off, ever teasing us. There is a need to mention some of the other perks that the site offers, notably the unlimited downloads. The downloads, like mentioned, are available once you join, and there is no limit as to what you could download. Photos and videos alike could be on your hard drive. Likewise, the site brings you 20 more sites once you join. They are all updated regularly, and are home to different content, so that should make you a very content person.

In few words

Hardcore fucking and faked orgasms do not have to be your only source of fun, if you could even call that fun. Softcore girls that know how to seduce and love playing around naked in front of the camera is something that you could find on gfslovepanties, among other great things that the site offers. Regular updates, daily added user content, and access to 20 more sites, all of whose content you could download is the best offer I have seen, one that no one should miss on.

This website is no longer updated, we suggest you visit Pantyhose Movie Club

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