GayViolations is an incredible place to find online gay videos. Almost all the videos are swept away quietly or secretly recorded just for you, the viewer. The main page is huge and offers various types of oral, anal and cum shot clips in parking spaces or behind buildings. The main attraction is outrage in-between two strong men. Every video has been uploaded three or four years ago.

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Site specs

The website has a simple design with elegant colours of black on its background and green buttons on the pages. The website is connected to the GayRoom network which is the biggest and coolest places to find good looking men fucking each other. Each thumbnail is set at a decent size and offers detailed descriptions of the people in it, what they do and when it was uploaded. The videos on display are filmed at around ten to forty minutes in full HD. Each selected video will send you to one of the subscription plans. For example One-day trial is super cheap and gives you instant access to all the videos within the GayRoom network. Other options include unlimited download on any site similar to GayViolations and countless other features that start with member’s perks, 500 male models, good video format, updates weekly and fast download speeds.

The movies and the boys

Max Carter is one of the best male porn stars GayViolations has to offer. His videos are legendary, and he co-stars with Jacob Durham in a lot of movies. Individual videos are made to satisfy your wildest dreams and desires. If you are looking for beautiful men running around in a parking lot sucking dick hard and drinking cum, then join now and come hard later. Did you fantasise about eating an asshole behind a shopping mall or tasting another dude’s cum on a back alley? If yes, then go check these crazy ass videos. A popular video on this channel shows two dudes fucking each other in the asshole hard and rough.

Another video similar to this is filmed with Adam Russo sucking off some guys at a restaurant, after that they fuck his hardcore in the butthole. If you want to see more of this unbelievable gay content on the website, access the full membership option in order to get full access to all the videos. Furthermore, I would suggest you get a good portable device in order to see that full 1080p format. On a smartphone, you can download shorter videos of up to four to five minutes each. The streaming of such videos is super smooth and takes less time than you can imagine. Other features that were previously mentioned are included as bonuses to paying customers.

In few words

GayViolations is what you think it is. A magical online land of people having a great time surprising each other with a lot of butt-sex and great oral cum filled sex. These videos are considered to be original content and bring a breath of fresh air into the gay industry. It’s a bold approach of bringing new ideas and fantasies within your privet home or office. It will satisfy your urge of imagining how it would be to eat a guy’s asshole behind a back alley and will also bring joy to your heart and genitals.

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