This is a comic site that features porn sex animation of beautiful cartoon characters as they have some intense moments with one another. The general theme of the site is the shemale experience, and these beautiful creations are seen having some real intense sex with members of the same sexuality. The usual entry point is the anal, and these ladies who are heavily busty, have a good time with each other as they make-out, give blowjobs and hand jobs, finally as they have real passionate sex session with the other girls. It is a lovely and cute place to be as these ladies are quite handy and can place the role of a perfect male. The site is not an amateur site as the content on the site was put together by the team at the site, the animations were done by either member of the site, or freelancer cartoonist that work for futanarisluts. The content which is but original and a lovely piece of art can be so enchanting that you can one moment think these were real people. The beauty of the website is the high quality of the materials therein that is most striking.

The content of the site is nothing short than HD, the quality of the animation pictures, videos are top-class; and also the whole site has crisp clear images that make it look like a job did the producers of Avatar. It technology used is definitely futuristic, as a similar tech can be said to be used only in few other porn websites. The site is void of mass produced information that constitutes a nuisance in forms of pop-up ads and other similar bugs. The site offers HD quality that is unbelievably crystal clear and impressive. By accessing this site, you get tons of videos that can be downloaded or streamed as offer as possible, based on the preference of the subscriber. Members also get to download and view lovely pictures that are available on the site, pictures that feature the different cartoon characters as well as in the different scenes there are on the website.

Non-members get the rare opportunity to watch video trailers on a daily basis of the video clips of their choice although these trailers can be restricted by the website admins. There are no live cam shows to entertain guest of the website, and there are no subsites also for members to feast on while they are away from futanarislut. The site is updated regularly, and that can be seen in the quality and quantity of their content which they must have accumulated over time. There are no awards on the site that show that the site has been recognized for a rare display of excellence in certain areas of the pornography endeavor.

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Site specs

The user interface of the website is awesome; it features the very best user experience that can be thought of as the materials on the site are uniquely arranged and labelled, with a proper description of the videos, the total estimated playback time the video. Users will love it here on the site because not every website has a clear sense of order and precision. The site handles payment, and database collection and management, this all make the user interface a lovely one as it provides all the necessary assistance a member or visitor may need when they are logged into the site. A neatly done job by the team who put together the website, for they have done an outstanding job at properly arranging the site in an order that it won’t take long for anyone to find anything of interest. The design of the website is both simple and highly informative and it displays a high degree of both excellence and professionalism.

The site was neatly designed, it comprises of two major colours black, gold and grey. They final piece of design all look beautiful on the website, as it makes the site look professional and mature. The site which has all the different colour of the right font text, size and colour; displays a wonderful contrast of a job well done on the part of the web designer and the team that brainstormed and thought out the final appearance of the website, it is a brilliant job done on their part. Downloadable videos on the website aren’t available, the site has a strict policy for non-members viewing videos of the site, so the videos were not further examined to get a detailed report of the content of the video, however; the video is HD and if buffers and renders pretty fast which gives the streaming speed a heavy boost. The site is an awesome project to work, and other things on the website gives the beauty of the site a whole new level and dimension.

The site has a vast repository where all the pictures it has ever had was saved, so the site has an enormous amount of pictures that all members should be scared of. As earlier mentioned, the site is well created that it will need no search option, the items are well labelled that they can be easily referenced promptly when needed. Also, the site is easy to navigate when going around the site in search for items of interest. The site has a fantastic responsive mobile version which can be easily accessed from both mobile phones and tablets also, for the ultimate customer experience. The site which has a decent number of characters as well and scenes and includes pictures and videos, this makes them part of the competition amidst other big players of the industry. A competitor in this industry is quite much as they are usually big players with vast networks of inter-related porn content as well and they usually offer their content for free.

The movies and the girls

The cartoon characters is stars and pretty popular in different circles and they are beautiful and probably pros in their new given roles. The videos are of high definition and they are quite a number of them, with no elaborate title, the videos look really appealing and would interest anyone to want to watch it.

In few words

Being a fan of animations and other cartoon characters, switching roles in the porn, I really like this site and would recommend it to my friends.

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