Femme Fatale Films


Femmefatalefilms is a femdom website that indulges in seducing a male and being harsh on him by following different methods. This website concerns female domination where the mistress is the alpha and the male is either her slave or submissive in nature. The females here dominate their male counterpart and perform every sort of distressing activity on him. The male is transgressed, harsh, made to perform mean acts and ends up being savagely fucked in his puckered hole. This is one of that website which features professional stars involved in all such activities that is very hard to perform if you are an amateur. The videos are shot in high definition and you get a complete set of photographs of every session. The website provides for all its members an exclusive set of videos which are easy to watch and download. There are no advertisements and other sorts of links which would bother a member as the website is dedicated to providing hassle free service to its members. The members get a whole bunch of extra perks with the website. They get to see all the videos as well as contact some of the featured dominas personally for a session or a workshop. The dominas on the website are spread throughout the globe and the members get a chance to book some of the shows where live action is performed in front of the exclusive audience. The website has all the information of the upcoming sessions and the domina of every session. The males or the slaves are allowed to contact them and get a session booked to get dominated and harshly done. The domina encourages and explores the limit of her slaves. Before performing in front of the camera, the amateur slaves are trained vigorously by their dominas and during the complete session, the slave puts on respectful demeanor towards her mistress. The website also acts as the hunting ground to select a slave, who is a sissy, submissive, masochist and a constraint and spanking enthusiast. These slaves perform in both online as well as real life sessions. The mistresses perform a complete series of acts which include face sitting, ball busting, strap on, medical and anal scenes, uniforms, corporal correction, femdom sex, foot fetish, smoking, spitting, chastity, CBT and NT, discomfiture, POV and many more. The website updates a new and exclusive video every day featuring one of their dominas with a sissy slave performing on the whims and fancies of his mistress. The website claims to have won many awards in the field of female domination. The membership of this website accompanies with a complete set of other femdom websites like divine mistress heather, domina DVD, dressed to tease, essential whips, femdom city, fetish me, hog spy, slave registry, the chastity mistresses and many more such websites.

Good adult website recommended to all BDSM fans.

Site specs

femmefatalefilms homepage exhibits a sample video as soon as you open the website. It is followed by the latest session’s links with a brief introduction and a photograph to let you understand what actually is being done in the video. One tab showcases different categories of the scenes with an image in which the act is being performed. There is a complete set of tabs to take you to different pages according to you wish. The films tab opens a page which showcases an image of the session with a brief description. Once you click the scene. You get access to the complete video as well as the complete set of photographs of the session. In the news section, the website informs the members of the next upcoming sessions as well as the new undertakings of the dominas giving complete details of the session, the mistress and the city where the workshop is going to be organized. As soon as one of the sessions is completed, the website publishes it on the internet with a blog stating the events as well as the photographs of the session. This section is updated twice or thrice a month. The femmes tab shows all the active dominas on the website with their portraits. In the mistress directory tab, the members can search all the dominas throughout the globe and fix a session with them to perform or to watch. This tab also gives you a chance to search for a domina with respect to your country or city.

The movies and the girls

This website features hardcore femdom BDSM niche and excels very well in its category. This website showcases some of the world’s finest dominas. It has more than 60 world famous dominas who have excelled in the field of domination. Some of the scenes depict the submissive being bound, gagged and pinned to the table. The domina, who already has a strap-on attached to her groin, pumps it deep in the slave’s ass and inflicts something unwanting to other parts of his body. All the dominas are world famous and are internationally acclaimed. Some of them have won prestigious awards in the field of female domination. One such domina is Devine Mistress Heather. She is a cute, blonde and seductive lady who likes to trap men first and then perform shocking actions on them. She is the resident queen of this website. She specializes in CBT, discomfiture, role play, nipple tormenting, strap-on and mind control. She has currently started in 51 such films.

In few words

The website focuses on femdom and is a leader in this genre. If you like to watch femdom scenes and are in search of a website through which you can join them in real life session, this website is strictly for you. Plus you get a whole set of photographs and high definition videos. It gives you an access to the dungeon where these acts are being performed and you can be a part of it in few simple clicks. So subscribe it and explore your limits by fixing a session with one of the world famous dominas.

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