Fantasy Massage


Hurrah! It has ultimately come to pass, there is a fresh massage-only adult platform out in the wild. Yes! That erotic and sensual manner of teasing as well as caressing, which rockets to soft-core content now comes in a vast array of flavors at Fantasy Massage. Read along as I explain to you what to expect in here!

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Site specs

Fantasy Massage entails a great design. It is sleek at the same time very simple. Navigating the site is very easy. I moved to the site very easily and I had not paused. The platform is very responsive and that is it. When I clicked on any tabs or command tab, the respective web page showed up almost immediately. Another great feature I did find is that you can also sort the scenes. You can even filter the anthology to reveal to you only the material from a precise platform.

All the video files come in MP4s for both downloading and streaming. Streaming films come in numerous dimensions, the biggest of which look great more often than not. In the interim, you receive all those similar files as download alternatives and some bigger ones. The finest download choice gets you Full HD when it is accessible. The images are no less striking since every set is packed with high resolution and crisp pictures. One can get a glimpse of the same on the browser. I did find that they appear larger outside the default image viewer, so be sure to download them in zipped folders.

The movies and the girls

My ex once lured me to a day spa and was worried I would get a boner in front of the masseuse. If every massage parlor resembles the ones at Fantasy Massage, then seemingly getting a hard-on is not just the tradition, but also brings about plenty of incredible oily fucking. On the other hand, perhaps not all massage parlors are like the ones you find here. It is called Fantasy Massage, in any case. I would choose Fantasy Massage rather than a physical one any moment since they all appear to be performed by amazingly pretty girls and often concludes with a “happy ending.” For your information, ‘happy ending’ is an argot for ‘climaxing at the end of a massage.’

Lol! I was close to mention cumshot, and then I recalled that it is not just fellows who are treated to backs, butts crotches, and shoulders kneading. To add, they are including a lot of lesbian massage sets. This is since you are not only signing up on a massage platform but instead a massage network. There is this one named Massage Parlor that comprises of just men receiving the ‘full encounter.’ Yet another one, All Girl Massage, centers on chicks getting treated to a similar relaxation action. A 3rd platform, Soapy Massage, utilizes relaxing soaps. I really want to experience the fourth, Nuru Massage. This one focuses in the slipperiest of treatment.

There is another platform at position 5. It makes me wish there could be related parlors anywhere in true life. Its name is Milking Table. It encompasses adult performers donning erotic undies whilst having dudes lay face-down on a table. The table is the massage world’s correspondent of a glory hole, since it has got an opening for the males to put their dicks through. The girls get underneath the table to fondle and blow the man until he cums all over them.

In few words

With its almost daily updates of fresh scenes as well as image sets, Fantasy Massages provides good value with 7 platforms shown like one. All on massage ideas, every amazing quality and very horny, with good models and an entirely interactive platform; this has got to the greatest massage anthology around.

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