Fake Shooting is a porn site that follows the ‘fake’ trend, tricking girls into having sex on camera in return for a modeling job, which they never get! These girls are surprised with the type of ‘audition’ they are expected to perform but have no problems getting slutty for the camera when they have to.

Site specs

The member’s area of the site contains soft pink and peach tones, and a simple background design, highlighting the natural beauty of the models. The header at the top of the home page contains close ups of the beautiful models that are found on the site, as well as the name of the site set in a glittery title, emphasizing that these girls are here and willing to do anything to get famous. The site only shows video content at the moment, but all of it is exclusive to Fake Shooting. The site is very well organized and looks professional, all the scenes on the site are archived with a tagging system, and you are able to look for specific themes through their advanced search feature.

There are also the options to stream the scene, or download it in full 1080p HD or in Standard Definition, depending on the speed of your connection. The site currently lacks a model index, which leaves the viewer with basic information like the girl’s name, age and the date the scene was shot, but not why she wants to be a model or where they come from. Additionally, the scenes contain a good bit of dialogue and set-up between the camera man and the model, but they aren’t speaking English and there are no subtitles on the videos yet.

The movies and the girls

The wannabe models that feature in the ‘fake’ audition shootings are all cute and gorgeous. They seem to look Eastern European mostly. Sadly unless you speak the language it will be difficult for the viewer to totally understand the dialogue. However, the girls more than makeup for this little inconvenience. They are sexy and beautiful, and willing to do anything it takes for this ‘audition’ to land them a modeling job.

In the 62 scenes currently available on the site, over the course of 30 minutes, the girls are introduced, coaxed and encouraged to take off their clothes and suck cock and fuck like porn stars for the chance of employment at a modeling firm. These scenes are all available to stream in your browser with Flash player, or to be downloaded in Standard and High Definition in MP4 format. There is no download limit on Fake Shooting, so you can save as many of your favorite scenes as you want. Currently, the site promises regular weekly content updates.

In few words

Fake Shooting is a sexy site with a great set up if you like your porn to have a plot or theme. The models are all stunning and cute, and they really are willing to go to any lengths to land their modeling dream job. With regular updates, HD content and an all access pass to the MMP Network, this is a recommended site. With luck, they will soon add additional features such as a model index or subtitles, but the site is great just as it comes right now.

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