Defiled18, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this name? Defiled means “destroying or spoiling the purity”! Thus, here, in this website you would come across 19 something girls whose ‘purity’ gets spoiled and guess, you know what purity means here. However, this site is not about that only and here you will get things that you do not get in all the porn sites. In most of the porn sites, you come across girls and men sucking and fucking each other wildly. Well…porn sites are for that and here, in this website you will also come across the same thing but in a different way. This site shows BDSM or oppression/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadism/masochism. If you do not know what BDSM is, then it is time that you take the help of Google. BDSM is practiced all over the world and it is a very wild and erotic way of doing sex or making love. There are quite a few websites on the internet that offers you BDSM videos. However, this is one of the best and here, you will come across only quality porn videos. Quality is something that all porn lovers look for, as there is a dearth for the same. Defiled18 videos are very nicely made and that shows from the videos itself. Once, you start watching the videos, you would find it tough to concentrate on any other thing. BDSM is one genre of sex and is involved wild practices like chaining or handcuffing one of the partners during the foreplay and while having sex. Usually, there is a dominant partner and there is a submissive partner. As clear from the terms, the former is in charge of the scenario and gives order while the submissive partner has to obey the orders. A lot of props are used during the entire act like cages, handcuffs, chains, ropes and similar things. Leashes are also used during BDSM sex. Thus, here you will come across things that you generally do not come across in most of the porn sites. The videos are entertaining and thus, you will surely enjoy watching them. This site offers much more than just hardcore sex and here, you will mostly see the men to be in the dominant role while the women in the submissive role. Women can play the dominant roles as well when it comes to BDSM and there can be switch in roles too. Sex is often defined as pleasure of discomfort and here, in this site you will actually understand that meaning. The girls are handcuffed, kept in chains, tied etc. and they actually enjoy it. All sorts of things are done to them and all they have to do is obey the orders given by the dominant partner. All elements of hardcore sex videos are present here like blowjobs, tit sucking, fingering, oral sex, cuming, sex, and even anal sex. Thus, you will get to see everything here and you will love to see these things in this different style. This site is only for people who enjoy watching BDSM sex. If you do not know what BDSM is, then it is better if you see the trailers first and then decide. This website offers free trailers for all its visitors and that is a great benefit offered by only few of the porn websites out there. It is always easier to make a decision by seeing trailers than just by seeing images.

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Site specs

There is nothing much to say about the design of the website. The design is simple and clear and from the home page, it is clear as what the site has in store. The site opens with images of handcuffed and tied girls who are being fucked. There are images of all kinds ensuring that you get to see all as far as hardcore sex is concerned. There is a ‘trailer’ section where you can come across trailers of few of the videos. The home page is covered by porn images. The images together form a storyboard of each video and there is a short content about each of the videos on top of the storyboards. There is no other content all over the site and there is no ad as well.

The movies and the girls

As clear from the name, here there are girls who are 19 years old or just few months above it. This means, here you will come across tender aged and tight pussies only and hence, enjoy watching them thoroughly. The men are hot as well and fuck the girls with their huge cocks. There are different types of videos and each video has something new to offer. The props used are different in each of the video and the content is different as well. Thus, you will get a lot of variation here. These are quality videos offering clear display. The videos can also be downloaded and watched later. There are numerous images all over the website and the images are of the best quality as well.

In few words

The updates of this website is one thing that is not very clear and also there are only 16 videos for members. Thus, if you want a lot, then this site is not for you. Also, if you do not enjoy watching BDSM, then you should look elsewhere. BDSM is all that this site offers and offers a good portion of it. You will enjoy watching the videos as the videos offer great display and the contents of the videos are worth watching as well. Though this site offers you 16 videos only, by being a member of this site, you will enjoy access to 4 other sites as well. These are hardcore porn websites as well and these do not offer you BDSM but different things.

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