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Hot and fresh 100 percent exclusive porn materials from Denmark. Introducing the hottest porn star in Denmark, Danske Lucy. See her latest actions from solo, lesbian to hardcore sex that will make your body sweat, your pussy wet (for lesbos), dick fully erected and keep your eyes busy from her videos which you are about to see. This porn star model has been in the industry for quite some time now, but I guess she will never quit her job because of the fact that it gives her the pleasure and enjoyment. Fortunately for us, we are going to see her action at her official site at DanskeLucy DK porn site.

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Site specs

At the home page, you will never notice that the porn site features Denmark content unless you scroll the page down. Why? It is because from the home page itself my dick was literally fully erected already because of the fact that this Denmark bitch has a very beautiful innocent face and her body is hot as hell. As I begin to explore the site, even more, I found several images and videos which are enough to make my stay even longer. Lucy gave me the boner seeing her face with full of jizz. The design is pretty much simple but good, very straightforward and you can’t go wrong with the materials involved. The videos are presented in thumbnails and all you have to do is to click one either streaming or download, then the screen will automatically bring you to the action with images included (streaming).

There are descriptions but hell I can’t understand the words. But quite frankly who cares when seeing Danske ramming her pussy. There are several videos included from the site. The only problem is that I really don’t know how many of those because the site won’t include the numbers. You can use different formats including windows media, MP4, and flash. For the images, there are at least 10 up to 20 pictures included on each video you selected. These images are mostly from the set. The screenshots are good, the qualities are great and the chick, well she’s amazing alright. You can have these images and collection of videos featuring Danske as you become a member. The images can be downloaded using zip files.

Speaking of membership, the site allows you to access all their videos without any limitation or whatsoever. The only limit will be the capacity of your hard drive when downloading and your imagination as well because this girl right here is the real deal. See her as she masturbates in the most sophisticated way. See her dildo rams in into her pussy. See her as she drinks that sticky jizz and eats those meats up. There’s a lot of jerking off scenes by the way and I’m pretty sure that you are going to like it.

The movies and the girls

For the videos, you can watch Danske in three different categories and these are the solo, the lesbian, and the hardcore actions. There are men involved at the scene but I think that she really prefers lesbo action over men fucking her up. Each has its own unique content and duration. See her as she pleasures the dudes as she sucks the meat, kiss the balls and lick the foreskin. See her bending over as the dudes will fuck her from behind. There are also scenes which my eyes can’t literally believe. Here comes Danske with her dildos, I know it’s very common. But what if I told you that her dildo was actually a billiard cue stick. That’s right this stack will stick to her pussy as she makes it wet and messes up all over the place. She makes the most out of the pool table, uses the billiard cue stick because it needed to be chalked with her pussy. Not to mention that she is using the bumper part and not the ring. See her as she squirts off at the billiard pool table. Her juices are all over the place and it is indeed a total mess.

For lesbo actions, I can say that this is her forte because there are so many available lesbo materials. She will eat the pussy, lick and suck the clits and fingers it fast as it blows the juices to the floor. It is nasty, but very good indeed. There are scenes such as love making at the beach where she smooches and cuddles a chick on a big rock. This chick is hot and beautiful just like her. There are kissing, torrid kisses, skin to skin pussies, boobies pleasure, and fingering. She makes love to the chick’s pussy and the chick will do the same thing with her. Danske uses the never gets old thumb at that butt hole and the middle finger in the pussy as she rubs both holes nice and slowly. Now, that’s how you hold a bowling ball, you need to use the thumb. It is the nicest and perhaps the most sensual lesbo action I ever saw. The love making on the beach at the top of the rock will never be the same. For anal action with dudes included, I can say that Danske prefers to be fucked from behind rather than with her pussy.

In few words

So, to end this up, probably it is the first time you heard about this bitch. Trust me I know, have been into many porn sites and this is actually the first time I bumped into her. All in all, since she is the hottest porn model at Denmark, well I can say that the locals have the taste for pleasure. With all the perks, updates and materials, you will stay all night.

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