There is a notion in the world that only the females are required to be submissive to their men. However in CFNMCollege, the opposite is what rules. The site boasts to dispute this rule as the submissive gender in this site is the male species. My first visit to the site, that notion stood tall and true. CFNMCollege is a site that really sucks out the Clothed-Female-Naked-Male niche for everything it is worth.

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Site specs

My first time was a thrill entering the site. After keying in the URL in my browser and accessing the homepage of CFNMCollege, I was blown away and mesmerized by everything that popped out. The writings were very legible and written in a pretty color and font. The images were clear and crazy that I nearly closed it considering the amount of absurdness meted out on these boys. However, disappointment was not far behind as that was the only time I really liked the design and layout. From there, everything went downhill rather fast and without notice. Venturing deeper, I discovered simple unnecessary design flaws in the site.

For example, the last update was done three years ago, which means that probably, that was the last time it was updated since it has been so for a while. We may be too harsh considering that this is an amateur production, which might mean that also, the designers and webmasters were also amateurs. However, the content is spot on and the story lines are one of a kind difficult to find in other sites.

The movies and the girls

The site’s library is rather minimal compared to other sites. The last time I checked, the site had around 28 episodes, which have been broken down into clips. The let down is that the quality is pretty average and the best one can download the videos is in WMV files at 640×480. That is pretty disappointing if you compare this to other sites that offer their videos at 1920×1080 especially in this HD era. Some of the scenes come with parts as well as the full file with the scenes running between five and fifteen minutes as there is no set time to run. Without DRM restrictions, the download is very quick considering also the quality and size.

Also, the site boasts of exclusivity only sharing the videos with their sister site CFNM. Each video comes with a gallery although there are a further 19 episodes that are exclusively in picture form. Each of these holds a number of images per set spread out in parts. The images are at a resolution of 1100×620 sometimes appearing like screen-caps. The quality is mostly average but one can clearly see what is happening in each image. The models in the videos do some pretty insane performances. In a certain video, a well-built guy is stripped by the girls in a sort of education field trip. The boy is then influenced to weigh a yoke as an ox with a plow trailing behind him. He then goes around a field with the girls with whips lashing at him to move faster. Although the audio is not very clear, you can hear the guy moaning from the harassment.

In few words

CFNMCollege is a filthy shop with all the mundane weird and femdom action that can be passed to a man so willingly. Although the site falls short in some areas as described above, the content is pretty laudable. CFNM is a site worth visiting for you who are into insane sexual actions.

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