CBT And Ball Busting


Do you love pummeling your man? Occasionally, does being mean to him turn you on in all of the rights ways? Would you love to do this over and over again? If your answer to these two questions is ‘yes’, then you will find the adult site CBTandBallBusting absolutely perfect for you. This is not only to say that this portal is only meant for women, men have a place on this platform too. If you love your woman taking charge and trampling on your ego from time to time, all in the name of pleasure then you will also appreciate what this site has to offer.

Although many men try to avoid BDSM sex outside the world of porn, there are a few who cannot help but break barriers and cross boundaries. Their sexual journey always encompasses walking over the edge with pleasure. CBTandBallBusting may not be a name that would perfectly suit an adult site, but the best thing about it is that it gets straight to the point. The impression that you get from the title is exactly what you get on the site.

The action on the site comprises of men who submit to their women and undergo the hottest cock action and busting that you will be able to witness anywhere on the internet. This is not a site meant for the feeble-minded, instead, it is meant for these who find pleasure in discomfort. If you love getting occasionally tied up, gagged, masked and subjected to all sorts of ill-treatment then this review is for you. It does not matter if the men here get red, pale, itchy, pretty or swollen, as long as the women are not satisfied, they will not stop. Get ready to bust your balls because CBTandBallBusting is truly out of this world.

Personally, I would rather keep my legs closed than come face to face with the women on this platform. However, I have a blast watching the action unfold from afar. Your genitalia will probably be throbbing as you witness the ruthlessness that is about to unfold on this platform. The men seem to be strong too because no one can be able to withstand the kind of hammering that their nut sacks endure. This is the type of adult action that will have you clinging at all that is next to you. It is exactly what you have always wanted.

Awesome porn site for BDSM videos.

Site specs

CBTandBallBusting gives you the greatest kind of presentation that will ensure you will be able to make the most of what is offered on the platform. Of course, there is a black background that perfectly portrays the attitude of what the content is all about. There is good quality through and through and you will not be able to experience any moment of blurriness here. The viewing options here are great and you will enjoy both the videos and the photo galleries. As the layout is well designed, all of the content on the collection will be well-accommodated.

The videos are all offered in top-notch HD, thus every viewing moment will be able to count. In order not to spend too much time looking for the content of your choice here, CBTandBallBusting lets you search by various categories. Even your favorite model will be able to see all of the videos that she has done on the platform. The site dies not have a consistent update syatem, but from time to time, you will get delightfully surprised by a few flicks that are uploaded. You will simply love the quality and the quantity of the site.

The movies and the girls

The graphic nature of the videos on CBTandBallBusting proves that the women here are not signing up for any playtime. Instead, they are in the business of getting orgasms and cum from the men in any way that they can. Surprisingly, the men are highly submissive and do not fight back, regardless of what they are subjected to. They most definitely enjoy this twisted kind of pleasure play but also cum blame them? As they say, ‘to each his own!’

Rynne Red loves restraining her man and making him feel like a slave. She teases his ass with her fingers and when she cannot get deep enough, she uses a lubricant so that she can simply ‘slide through’. Her sexy black dress makes her look like a grim reaper of sorts and for fifteen minutes, you will be able to enjoy the true power of domination. On the other hand, she uses clamps to push her man into a corner and make him cum. Indica also delights making a slave out of her man. By tying him to the ceiling, she will work his body with the assortment of ‘tool’ that she has.

You will have the time of your life watching her in the sexy red lingerie, towering over her men in any way and, without a doubt, this is the roller ride that you have been seeking. CBTandBallBusting is not a platform for fresh faces. The dominatrix’s here are Milfs who are way more experienced and know exactly what they want in bed.

In few words

CBTandBallBusting is a site that is simply one of a kind. This is not your ordinary BDSM, it takes things a notch higher. Do not be afraid to push your last button because this is the only way to know how far you can go. If you have been looking for a site that understands what you need, then this is most definitely it!

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