Butter Loads


ButterLoads is not a common name for an adult site. In fact, upon hearing it, you will wonder about the kind of action that the site has in store for you. Well, wonder no more, we are here to break it down for you! ButterLoads is an adult site that houses horny gays and straight guys alike. The concept of entertainment is simple; the models come together for the quest of finding the next big porn star through a number of auditions. The guys are excited to show off their loads and find out who has the very best one. With a tagline like, ‘From the streets to stardom,’ you already know that you are in for a brilliant treat. All of the guys are absolute hotties and they cannot wait to show off their buff bodies and share all of their fantasies with you.

ButterLoads is definitely a name that is hard to forget. However, there is no better title that would go with the unusual reality content that you get to enjoy in this portal of pleasure. As we know from watching a great number of porn videos throughout the years, these are the kinds of ambitions that are often taken advantage of. The directors in the casting calls sell the models a pipe dream and a dollar, lying to them that they will make it big when all they want is to use their sexual acts for self-satisfaction. However, ButterLoads is different. The casting tapes showcase what the famous pornstars would do on an impromptu sex scene long before they acquired their famous status. As a standard procedure in the gay industry, these hunks show us how far they came.

The audition clips are hot and they will give you the kind of erection that you will not be able to live down. All of the content that is featured here is simply outstanding. As one of the few sites that showcase behind-the-scenes casting process, ButterLoads ensures that you go out of your comfort zone and only enjoy the very best. Forget all about a casting couch, casting desks are what you will be truly enjoying here.

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Site specs

ButterLoads is still a growing site and as such, you can expect that the collection will get bigger and bigger as time goes by. From the look of things, the site tries to maintain an active update schedule that involves adding one new flick to the collection on a weekly basis. You will first get to enjoy the latest scenes that are all high quality in nature. On ButterLoads, clarity is not something that you should complain about. The site has a few adverts, but worry not, they will not distract or deter you from finding exactly what you are looking for. The videos come with a brief description and a thumbnail from the gallery. ButterLoads definitely shows that it is quite big on details.

The download options include enjoying the flicks in either 260, 480 or 720pHD clarity. Therefore, the scenes can be enjoyed on most viewing devices. Flash streaming is also a great option that will equally get the ball rolling. The site delivers exactly what it promises. All of the scenes begins with an interesting chat, thereafter follows the behind-the-scenes action that will keep you glued to the screen. When it comes to sorting, the movies can be viewed by chapters or clip images, depending on what you find more interesting. ButterLoads proves that it is ready to go above and behind to give you what you most often look for from a great porn site. There are also live webcams that will make your encounter with the models even more interesting.

The movies and the boys

While you may think that you will not see much from a porn audition, the gay models on ButterLoads will truly prove you wrong. The producers on ButterLoads do not ask these hotties to jerk off in front of them in order to ascertain how good they are, instead, they are direct; if they want the part, they demand that they get fucked or have their cocks sucked by them. All of the guys auditioning are fresh faces who would do anything to get ahead and as such, the action leads to the amazing porn moments that you see here. There is nothing that will beat what these want-to-be porn actors can do.

The best aspect of the adult site is that it enables you to enjoy a variety of models. Be it average sized jocks or twinks, they are all here for your pleasure. The hunks are truly experts at sucking cock and this is exactly what makes them outstanding. Even when they get instructed to sit on the director’s cocks, show their butt cheeks or spread their asses wide open for easy penetration, they oblige. From time to time, they seem to be ‘figuring out’ exactly how they should please ‘their masters’ as well as concentrate on the camera. This is exactly what proves the authenticity of the action that you see on ButterLoads. The scenes hold a lot of jerking off, using sex toys and self-fingering. Therefore, you will have a lot to look forward to. Get ready because the sexiness that lurks from scene to scene will be too hard to ignore.

In few words

ButterLoads is an adult site that thrives in two aspects: interactive options and great entertainment. There is no doubt that you will have the sexiest time of your life when you log into this portal of pleasure. The models are easy on the eyes and they do not disappoint with the kind of action that they treat you to on screen. There is no doubt that you will get exactly what you signed up for. If you are on the hunt for great content, do not look any further. ButterLoads has got you covered. Sign up today!

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