Everyone has a right to their opinion about porn and the fantasies that they harbor. For some people, if it does not involve freshies then the porn is not good enough. Some people love that fresh and soft touch that can only come from a body that is still new and has not undergone all the assaults that more mature bodies may have been subdued to. When the body is fresh and the pussy is tight, the fuck is better. You can call this a perversion but isn’t that what porn is all about? Striplings have great bodies and their sweet innocence is a huge turn on. It is always a joy to see some freshies pussy being stretch spare by some huge cock.

That is what you get to seek on brokenteens. These striplings are shameless as they allow themselves to be used and fucked silly by some of the biggest cocks out there. They are horny sluts who have an itch between their legs that can’t be satisfied, they want to be fucked; no they want to be banged hard by those huge monsters. They will even beg for it if there is any delay on the part of the guy. They want the cocks in and they want it so badly they may even begin to whimper before the cocks get it. As you watch them beg to be fucked and here they cry out in raw ecstasy as the cocks penetrate them and travel straight to their core, your own cock will be looking for where to hide its head. That is how hot you are going to get as you watch the videos on brokenteen but first you have to confirm your membership by registering on the site using your personal and credit card details. Don’t bother about security and safety for the site owners have taken care of that.

On the site, you will find videos in high definition and in other formats. These videos can be downloaded for best quality viewing. Unlike other sites, this site does not have photosets so don’t expect a gallery of pictures from here. This site is pretty better than most of its competitors both in terms of the quality of content offered and the bonuses that come with membership. It is important to note that it is not the number of bonus sites that matters but the quality of the bonus sites. Although this site offers its members relatively bonus sites on the Da Gf network these are sites that considered among the best in the porn industry. They will get a lot more action on big cocks and tight pussies from the bonus sites.

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Site specs

There is not much here in the way of designs but for the vivid display of video thumbnail on the homepage content area. The idea of the site is to allow users to find what they want just as they get to the site. That is how they use the videos on the homepage with many more pages carrying these videos. Visitors can take a tour of the site to get an idea of what is on offer. The videos are arranged in pages but they can be sorted using tabs like; most popular, most viewed and highest rated. The site allows users to watch and rate videos.

Also, members can create their favorite list by clicking on favorite at the top of the video page. Members can also have live chats with models with on the site. You can also sort models by their name, their popularity and they rating. It is not every day that you come to the site that you have to go back and start searching for videos, sometimes you find videos that you love and that you will l like to watch over and over. On this site, you can place such videos on your favorite list. This allows for you to find the video quickly anytime you want it.

The movies and the girls

Brokenteens features some very hot and fresh cuties with a love for cock. These girls are all amateurs but their love for having their pussy and ass broken make then ready to take cock like they have been doing it all their life. Their boobs are firm and rounded, their pussies are tight and some have never been penetrated before. You will find models like Zoe Voss taking some really huge dicks they have to struggle to get it all in.

One of the videos that are really like is “Zoe Voss can’t imagine this in her pussy”. In this video, Zoe meets a black guy and they get playing and it turns to perks and kisses. They start fondling and the guy removes his cock for Zoe to suck in foreplay. The look of disbelief on Zoe’s face is hilarious but she goes ahead to struggle and suck it but could see she was having a hard time. Then it was time for the guy to make a grand entrance into Zoe’s tight pussy. These videos are in a league of their own when it comes to how ultimate they can get. Yet the girls are happy to take part and be broken. The recent videos are available in high definition while other ones may cone in other formats. The download format is mp4 and this can be done in three different qualities. With over 200 videos to watch and download and more coming with the daily updates, there is a lot to make you cum every day.

In few words

There are freshies who start being introduced to some very hardcore fuck and these are the freshies that you find on broke. Even if they end up getting broken in the process, they are still fulfilled at the end. On broken you get maximum entertainment from the freshest girls in porn.

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