Big Church is a Christian dating site that seeks to socialize protestant Christians and Catholics for a lasting and worthwhile relationship. The site seeks to use the shared Christian values as a strong basis for forging lasting relationships. Users are offered free membership that they can upgrade to premium later so as to enjoy the full service and privileges on the platform.

Site specs

Big Church is a user-driven platform. Therefore, you will notice that most of the features included are aimed at making the user experience easy and fan too. There are several browsing tools available on the platform. There are several search tools and even an advanced search tool that allows you to use complex descriptions to access content. There is also an attempt at localizing the platform so that you can choose on members near you for a realistic chance of forging a romantic relationship. It is easy to join Big Church because it is free from the onset. You may also decide to join as a paid member and jump to the heart of action immediately. The free membership that is also commonly referred to as basic or standard only allows you a limited access to the services and privileges on the Christian platform. You can only view part of the profiles of members. The full profile access is only possible when you upgrade your membership to premium. I could check out contacts from anywhere at any time. I loved the loading speed and the ease of navigation; thanks to several user-friendly tools and a list of categories that help you to understand the structure and services on the platform. Joining the platform is a straight forward procedure that only requires new interested users to supply personal data and an email address. Expect questions to do with your seriousness in your relationship with God and the type of Christian partner you are looking for. Other crucial data includes your age, denomination and the type of relationship you are in at the time of application.

The movies and the girls

Big Church has lots of single beautiful women seeking sustainable relationships with like minded men. With over 3000 active members, you can be sure to pick out the girl of your dreams. Once you are connected, the platform presents lots of interactive opportunities to nature your relationship. In fact, when I subscribed to premium membership, I was allowed an array of services including chat forums and accessing numerous other members’ profiles. The problem with the basic membership plan is that you are limited in your communications. However, I think the site designers were good strategists. It is from the platform that I developed the yearning to join the community in full blast. I have never been a member of a more active group. There is Bible sharing and the entertaining group debates that make you feel well connected. My only qualm is that there seems to be quite a number of fake profiles on the site. If you’ve been active online for a while, you will know that every large and versatile site has numerous fake profiles too.

In few words

Big Church is a great platform for connecting with your life mate; especially if you are a catholic or protestant Christian. However, if you are looking for a place to perch and develop emotional relationship and gain some religious grounding, Big Church should certainly be on your list. There are contests that are held between basic members and others. You can accumulate points in the contests and use them to upgrade to premium membership. These contests have to do with answering questions. The points are earned on the basis of the number of right answers you get.

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