Baeb is one of the renowned pornstar porn sites. It is from the makers of Lubed, Passion HD, and Porn Pros which we all know are three of the best sites in the industry. It delivers hot porn star videos that are all filled with killer sluts that are ready to devour your cock in full length. Thankfully, these 30 minute videos are all HD pornstar videos that every porn enthusiasts will surely enjoy.

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Site specs

Baeb is one of the most professional-looking website that I have found. It is suave, sophisticated and appealing. It has one of the smoothest interfaces and the fastest functionality in a site. The site managed to keep its layout simple and minimal yet foxy. You can only find large thumbnails in the homepage that are pointing to a corresponding video link. There’s also the title, the name of the model, the date it was uploaded and the video rating at the bottom of the thumbnail. If you scroll down the page, you will see a handful of these videos. The one with the biggest thumbnail in the page is the featured video and you can also locate it at the top of the page. The site’s header on the other hand does not have a lot of blings in it. It only holds the site title with a very minimal yet bold font style which I personally like. It looked like a font text in a certain fashion magazine. The black font color on top of the white background also adds a pinch of elegance to the overall look of the site.

Moreover, the site also holds a red accent for its buttons for an additional color in the page. At the upper part of your screen, you can find the main menu sitting across the page. There are the videos link, photos link, models link and the login link. If you are not yet a member, you can enjoy five videos for free. This means that you can watch up to five videos from the site’s collection. In order to do this, you have to provide your email address to register temporarily. If you enjoyed your free trial and wish to continue a long term expedition in the site, the membership process is just too easy and within your reach. The membership price is also cheap and won’t break your bank. In fact, I think it is also a great deal for those who want to get the most out of their money because it’s not only the videos and the photos that are going to be amazing but there are also a lot of bonus contents to expect from the site.

Let us first talk about the collection of the site. The site offers photos and videos in high-quality formats. There are 20 videos and 20 photo galleries in the collection. The videos have three resolutions available. The highest is 2160p, next is 1080p and the last is 720p. You can also select between WMV and MP4 files. However, when selecting between these two, you should also take into consideration the quality and the resolution that is available for each of the format. WMV files only deliver 720p videos while MP4 files deliver the three resolutions.

There’s no download and stream limit for the videos, so you can freely enjoy these 30 minutes of video unconditionally. Now, off with the photos. The photos are also high quality like the videos. You can find around 230 interesting photos in each set. The photos were clearly shot by a professional cameraman and the production team behind it seems to be professional too. The lighting was perfect. There were no harsh lights on the model’s face and it even looked like they were only using natural light. This good set of pictures can be downloaded in zip files without limitations too!

The movies and the girls

I have to admit, the girls in Baeb are really hot and if you want to get to know more on them, the best way is through the site’s model index. The model index of the site contains information about the girls that you might find interesting or relevant. This information also goes along with some nude pictures that you would surely like. I was actually surprised to see a large bunch of beauties here. I mean, the models are coming from different races and cultures. There’s basically a mixture of blondes, brunettes, and of course, the black haired girls. I was also surprised to see that there were also some models who have vibrant hair colors out of hair dye. The models widely represent different continents in the world. There were from Europe, America and Asia. However, I think that most of the girls in this site are European.

When it comes to the videos, I would say that the videos are very consistent in every scene. Most of the scenes were POV shots. With this shooting style, you can clearly see the model’s facial expression. You can also get a closeup view and appreciate the nice pair of boobs and the fresh-looking pussy of the model. The most common acts are pussy banging, anal sex, blowjob, handjob, pussy licking and titty fuck. All these scenes can be enjoyed in 4k Ultra HD quality.

In few words

Baeb is a haven for sweet girls shot with excellent cameras. I have no regrets with the site. The website is very convenient and easy to use. It is fast and smooth. It also has a great user interface. The minimalistic approach certainly had me. The videos and photos are also really high quality. The site promised high-quality contents and it delivered. Even on their old videos, the quality is already excellent. The models are also a great bunch. They certainly have what it takes to be a promising porn star, the looks, the body and the skills. The actors also have chemistry with each other. So far, I enjoyed exploring the site and I will surely recommend this site to everyone.

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