Bad Ex GFs


This is the site where ex-boyfriends rant over a hurting and crushing breakup. This is also the same site in which ex-boyfriends rave over a post-breakup in which they have already uploaded those dirty sex videos of their past girlfriends for revenge. Yes, you got it right. This is a legit all amateur porn site that caters to ex boyfriends who have been burned by love. But all these are all compensated for as they upload here their nastiest sex videos of their slutty ex-girlfriends exposing these girls to their utmost public shame ever. You cannot always guarantee relationships will last among these girls who easily get tired of sucking the same dick for a long time.

Things may be all romantic and good in the beginning for these barely permitted lovers. But when reaches the I’m-fed-up-with-you point, these hidden and amateur video footages made by ex boyfriends to their ex girlfriends during their fucky lovely times will make the girls think twice before they broke up with their boyfriends. The content of this site is all amateur in nature, but rest assured that they are generally hard core in the category. You will see here all the excitement and sizzling videos of wild girlfriends getting down, bending over, and swallowing hard for their boyfriends.

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Site specs

While it has been said that most of the videos here are all hardcore, it would delight you to know that there are also a good number of videos here that are also softcore in nature. In fact, you may even see some kinky sex scenes which should be very interesting considering the fact that they are all 100% pure amateur with no experience whatsoever in the porn industry. The quality of the videos featured here is okay. Since they are amateur videos, you can’t expect them to be of high digital quality, especially if these videos are captured only from their home videos or smart phones. But rest assured, they are able to provide their viewers with the best scenes and the best angles without them ever knowing it!

On the other hand, the photos and the images which are all featured on this site BadExGFs are very hot and mind blowing. It is one thing to watch them in action, it is also another to be teased as you watch some sneak previews of their videos through the video screenshots shown all throughout the site. For the voyeurs and for those who simply like kinky sex, BadExGFs has a highly relevant niche. There is something exciting and very arousing to know that ex-boyfriends get back at their ex-girlfriends as they reveal their grueling sex action. These videos are all raw footages which make the sex scene to be very real and authentic. There is a great sense of power tripping on the part of the former boyfriends as this is the best and the most effective way to get even with their former girlfriends.

The movies and the girls

The girls here are just like your typical sluts, only they are not porn stars. They are actually your regular and average barely mature girls with boyfriends. These girls, at the height of their sexual juices, are in their adventurous states. These girls are ready and willing to obey the call of the flesh as they take on and bring everything that they have for their boyfriends. With the right amount of naughty and the right amount of nice, these girls are your ideal girls to fuck and conquer. Since they are not porn stars, you can feel that kind of excitement of watching these girls getting rammed by their boyfriends. And what is best about these girls is that what they did in these amateur videos may have to be termed as almost ethereal in such a way that these delicious sex actions may never happen again, at least with the same guy who did them in these videos because they all broke up.

As mentioned, the quality of the videos may range from average to excellent given their limited access to high quality video equipment. It has a good length for each of the videos presented enough for you to jerk at just the right moment. To cite one video from the BadExGFs site, a slender figured naïve looking co-ed girl with her boyfriend at that time starts off the scene with some soft porn action. The girl was hungry for sex you can tell while the guy likes to take it slow. But then as the video progresses, you’d see how fierce and aggressive the guy becomes as he penetrates hard his girlfriend. You would definitely hear a lot of screaming and some moaning going on here, particularly from the girlfriend.

In few words

The site BadExGFs may be considered to be one of the most popular porn sites primarily because of the reality element involved herein. In fact, there are some exciting and interesting snippets that you can see at one portion in the site. It contains various sentiments and testimonials made by the hurt ex-boyfriends and how the video finally vindicated them. It has all the best and the wildest reality sex videos that you can imagine. Once you become a member of this site, you will be granted with a full feature of the site, including its downloadable videos and the complete photo archives for each of the galleries presented in BadExGFs. Overall, there is a good potential on the site. All it takes is just the right kind of advertising with some good updates of some of the best reality porn amateur videos then this will surely skyrocket.

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