The joy of watching porn is that you can choose to select from a wide category of porn. No matter your fantasies, porn sites are there to help you live them. Most times, our fantasies remain fantasies and we can only imagine what it will be like to have this fantasies turn to realities. One of such fantasies most people have is to have girls mishandled during sex and made to do things that make them lose their control. As the name rightly indicates, assylum is a place where girls with perverted sex appetite are kept to receive therapies that are aimed to correct such perversions. They are placed in the therapy room where they are treated with the most horrible therapy. Even as the girls, are stretched to their limits they are still hungry to be battered and bruised. They are happy to have their asses assaulted and bruised. They like it when they are treated like dirty sluts that they are. Sometimes some are made to have mechanical mouths that cry out “fuck me“.

You will find some of the girls hung on strings and suspended while objects are introduced into their asses. Most of these girls are whores with a love for anal fuck. They are willing to let go of their control and become like puppets. They will do you every bidding even if it causes tears to run down their eyes. Since they have been so naughty and shown no signs of changing, they were brought to the asylum to see if Dr. Mercies and her staff can help them. Most times they are beyond remedy and the more they are gallowed the worst they become. They are gagged, they are beaten and their asses are stretched to the limit all in a bid to prevent these girls from growing up to become perverts. Most times, the girls are eating Dr. Mercies ass as they are being assaulted from behind by a huge cock. This is one asylum you want to pay a visit to.

If you love these little perverts and want to see their actions and how bad they can get, you need to get a visitor’s pass. This will allow you access to the asylum where you can get to experience the perverted nature of these girls first hand. As a visitor with a pass, you can head on straight into the asylum and watch the archived videos of the girls in the treatment room. To get the pass, you have to choose a name and a password for your pass. Then you can choose the payment method that best suits you. Note that apart from the usual credit cards and checks, you can use PayPal and bitcoin to pay. You can choose between a standard and a premium pass. Most people tend to go for the standard pass as the premium pass required 4k UHD functionalities.

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Site specs

Here the idea is to get you pass the assylum gate and into the treatment area where you get to meet the girls in a therapy session. As soon as you land on the home page, you get the right tabs to help direct you to what you want. You can click on patients and staff if you want to get to meet the patients. You can select a patient and read up their case file so you can know more about them before you watch their therapy session. If you are happy with what you read, you can click on the video of their case file to watch. Right from the homepage you can get a preview of some of the case files that the assylum staff is currently handling. Given the number, you can only imagine the amount of work they do each day. You can scroll down the page to view more case files. When you reach the end, you can click on the load more button to get more cases files. The bottom line is that assylum does not have a flashy website with a lot of tools but it has enough to help a user find their way around the site.

The movies and the girls

The patients in this assylum are hungry for cock. They are huge perverts that are only happy when their control has been stripped. They love to be dominated and placed in submissive positions. They are happy to let the guys stretch their asses wan and make them do very demeaning sex acts. They may cry from the gripe that they have to go through but they are happy to let the guys continue. You will find them bruised, spanked, and assaulted. You will find them with dark circles around their eyes as they are left alone in the treatment room to recover. Some of the patients at this assylum include Amy Aimless, Deanadare, Dollie Darko and Calico.

In one of the videos “office assistant, Lily Lovecraft a very submissive girl who loves to support gripe. Dr. Mercies got her well spanked and even inserted anal beads up her ass. He got her to use a pen that is up her ass to write as he said she was now his office assistant. Because she did a poor job with the writing, she was gallowed further. There are over 50 high-quality videos on the site. The videos are available in HD and mp4 as well as in ultra HD format. These videos can be streamed and downloaded by the members. Note that if you have to get the uHD format you should be sure you have the right gadgets to be able to download and play it.

In few words

Assylum is definitely for those who love hardcore that is not only hard but also rough and filthy. If you love to see girls demeaned, controlled and fucked, this site is definitely for you. You will be impressed with the quality of content as well as its originality.

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