Ass America


A lot can be said about a site which has content of the best quality, content that you are unlikely to find anywhere else, especially if it is of a hardcore nature. Such sites are rare nowadays, but some of them still exist, and they fire on all cylinders, one of them being Ass America. On this site you will see girls who get their asses fucked by cocks of quite a size, and they do it with such passion, too. You will also get a few surprises.

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Site specs

With a site such as this, featuring so many great videos, you also expect it to have a good design, and that is exactly what you get. I love seeing such a good design on sites, and especially one that is of a more minimalistic nature. Not only to you get to see amazing content, but also a design that is not only simple, but very stylistic, as well. A lot of previews furnish the dark blue page, all of them leading to the registration page except the one, which is an actual trailer to the site. You can get aroused just by watching that, though, I suggest that you join, as there are many more perks for the members, including the full feature videos, of course. The site is optimized, so that you will not lose a second on technicalities, and will be able to see the videos in a moment’s notice, due to the search bar and sorting options. The site also has absolutely no lag, giving you the freedom to load as many videos as you want. I also enjoyed the surfing from the mobile phone, as you can see your favorite ladies from wherever you want.

The movies and the girls

The action is really hot, and the girls love getting their asses attacked by hard cocks and especially if they add a bit of hardcore to it. They scream and moan and beg for more, getting to that point where you might get to your orgasm if you just look and listen to them. Girls barely of age, yet very knowledgeable when it comes to fucking. They spread their asses open and they willingly take in the dicks, as big as they are. With so many cute girls to choose from, one might spend a lot of time just looking at the variety, though you can download the videos, so that will actually not be a problem, at all. The videos are in HD, which means that the details are really clearly visible, a thing to praise, as the anal close ups are given another perspective. You will also get to see a lot more, as one membership does grant you the passage to 20 more sites. That is not all you should consider, as the sites have different niches, and they are all updated daily, just like this one.

In few words

There is a lot to conclude from a deal like this, having in mind that you get so much great content, at such a bargain price. If you like porn, you will certainly enjoy the anal paradise which is Ass America, and you will without a doubt have much to see, and to download. But, that is not all, as there are 20 more sites in store for you, and becoming a member is as easy as clicking on a link or two. Pleasure awaits you inside, do not lose time.

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