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All Gravure is one of the most pleasant looking Japanese porn sites that highlights softcore Japanese porn videos. It stood out from other Japanese xxx sites because of its HD Japanese porn and its frequent content updates. Aside from that, it also has a large collection of gorgeous Japanese hotties that you can constantly see in these Japanese xxx scenes.

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Site specs

All Gravure is a neat site that has terrific functionalities. The appearance of the site looks presentable most especially because of its color scheme. The site sticks to three colors that go well together and these colors are not the conventional color palettes because it uses black as the background and white as color for the texts. Aside from the color palette, the choice of font style is also excellent. It increases the readability of the words in the site. Well, it doesn’t really mean that the texts matter because the images in the page will speak for itself, but it helps encourage the users to explore the site further. Speaking of images, the quality of the graphics in the site is also nice. You can find a lot of thumbnails even in the homepage alone. These thumbnails are a couple of decent looking images with Japanese pornstars posing with their skimpy outfits. Despite all that, I also liked the simplicity of the site.

From the aesthetics of the site, let us not talk about the functionality of All Gravure. First thing I noticed is how quick the site loads. You’ll find a lot of contents everywhere in the site, homepage, photos, videos and even the models section but each of these pages loads with ease. The hyperlinks and the navigation also work correctly just like how we expected them to be. The registration process is also easy and very simple to use. Lastly, the search bar of the site gives accurate and fast results. With all these functionalities, the site is not only functional but it is also usable. The layout in every page is consistent as what you can see from the homepage of the site. The navigation is logical and visible. The links have descriptive texts. The site also has a pagination that limits unlimited scrolling in the page most especially the contents section where you can expect a long list of photos and videos. The site is also available in multiple platforms and browsers which makes the site reachable to a wider audience.

There are four main sections in the site that you can explore: first is the homepage, which greets everyone and gives a quick preview of what the site is all about. You can already tell based on the images in the homepage how fun and exciting All Gravure is all about. Then, the main contents section. There are two types of contents to expect here, photos and videos and it’s a good thing that the site decided to separate these two. This means that there is a videos section and there is also a photos section in a separate page. The videos section contains 6879 films which last for at least 5 minutes up to 30 minutes. You can find basic information in this section such as the title of the video and the length of the video.

6879 videos can be too overwhelming that is why there is an option to sort the videos according to date, rating, duration and size. And just like any other sites, you can choose to download or stream the videos with any of the following formats: 1920×1080 or 852×480. If you liked the video, you can hit the thumbs up or mark the video as your favorite. Third main section is the photos section. Just like the videos, you can also find a large amount of photos in this area. There are 8407 photo galleries in the site and each gallery contains 30 1800px images. You can also browse the pictures online or you can download them in zip files. There is also an option to sort the photos just like the one that you can see in the videos section or you can like and favorite the photo.

The movies and the girls

One of the main sections of the site is the models section where you can find a herd of pretty and fresh Japanese porn stars. From this area, you can appreciate the diversity of the models. Although they look a bit similar to each other because most of them are the typical Japanese cutie pies, each of them still has a distinctive feature that will identify them. Also, when it comes to the performance, although they are all great performers, each of them also has her own specialty that makes her the queen of her own craft.

You can mostly see these models in cute outfits that are too revealing. These skimpy strips of clothing that cover their private parts are what ignites the imagination of the viewers most especially with those girls that have large breasts. Sometimes, you can see that in some scenes the girls are completely naked, but a piece of object covers their breasts. It could be a pillow or an edge of a table. These girls really know how to heat up a scene and play with the imaginations of their viewers. The overall quality of the video is very nice. The scenes are crisp and sharp. The storylines are effective and the length of each video is just enough for everyone to enjoy.

In few words

All Gravure is a nice site for those who are into softcore porn. Asian or not, people will definitely find this site interesting because of the nice quality videos, great selection of models and a user-friendly website. Not to mention, the membership fee is also so cheap that not only will you get a big smile in your face, but also in your bank account. This site is a must site and, because of that, I would surely recommend this to everyone.

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