Alexandra Gold


Alexandragold is a personal porn website and it features a persona called Alexandra gold herself. She is a transsexual and it was her first on set for a photoshoot. The story of her personal website is that she wants to put herself on display and show off her beautiful body and also the gracious endowment. The beautiful transsexual is seen alone in an own world where she resides in her beautiful company as she imagines the crazy things she wants to do to herself or other people that may show up to play with her. It is a professional website that displays the work of an amateur pornstar, the content on the website is the work of seasoned professionals that come together to put things together for Alexandra and her personal teasing website. The project is aimed to promote the upcoming pornstar reveals real intricate details and her body as well as her world. The materials submitted are all curated content from the website. The site has the prospect to become a top personal site that teases people for with sexy pictures and poses, however, the content on the site is not enough to make it to the major leagues of the big time professionals. The pictures are high resolution, and the videos are HD and they are crispy clear and attractive. Alexandergold has the very awesome photo sessions of a beautiful queen. Member of this site is in for a treat as Alexandergold has a lot in store for her male admirers and also the subscribers to her website. Members get to see rare footages of Ms. gold fully naked as she offers deep and intense sexual teasing in footages not accessible to non-members of the site. Members of the site will have access to all the pictures on the website as well as all the videos available on the site as well. Members also get updates on the site of the latest content put together by Ms. Gold. There is no live cam shows hosted on the website, but there are several subsites or affiliate websites the site can refer you to upon visiting the site. The site has not won any award of excellence.

Excellent pay porn site featuring the amateur model Alexandra Gold.

Site specs

The user interface of the website is pretty good as it takes care of a lot of things on the site. The site has an elaborate system that takes good care of the payments and other customers transaction details, it also offers regular customer service on the site. Although the interface is quite simple and easy to navigate, it features an interesting number of personal pictures of Alexandragold as she sizzles for the camera while she looks beautiful for the camera. The user experience is expected to be a joyful experience on the site as everything on the site is well arranged and it gives for a well-labeled and orderly arranged website with so many details and information needed for evaluating of simply going through the site. The design of the website features that of a self-absorbed aspiring porn actress, the site features a leopard skin background design upon which other designs were put together. The other things on the site are basically simple as they reflect a good website with a functional website. The content as well as the arrangement of the different content on the site syncs very well. The design is pretty okay but it needs a lot of work to reach world standard. There are only but a few videos on the site which are not readily available except for the members of the site, these videos feature the lead character as she takes good care of herself while we all watch. The streaming speed of the videos is pretty good, although this is not readily informed because none of the videos was actually seen while this review was put together. But the site will come to speed as they are ready for some aggressive expansion. The site is void of an advanced search option because most their items are all found on the landing page of the website, the search option which was meant to make things easy has no need since all the content on the website is found on the landing page of the website. The site is well optimized for mobile use, both for mobile phones or for tablet devices, the site is highly responsive on all the various devices available today, from desktops to laptops and across all the browsers that are available. Alexandergold finds herself in the solo porn website where it’s more of a personal blog where a single pornstar has her own entries and talks about her experience on the field, it is not very popular when compared with other forms of sexual activities. Another site that is similar to the what alexandergold does is dawnsplace where a lady talks about her experience and trails as she embarks on several adventures.

The movies and the girls

Alexandergold is an aspiring pornstar and this is seen in her countenance while on her site, she looks stiff and tensed as against professionals who are free and looser and they are all seen having a good time regardless of how awkward the situation may seem. She is an amateur, and while she trails the pornstar road, she will pick up a thing or two as how to carry and comport yourself as a pornstar. The site doesn’t really have many videos, just a handful of videos but they are HD videos and the good and power-packed for members of the site to enjoy.

In few words

This is a personal blog with stories as they relate to the life of a pornstar wannabe early on in her career, Alexnadergold has the body to become a sensational porn star the world has to know, she will do fine in the journey and her love her work.

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