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Are you a fan of black beauty? Honestly speaking, I don’t think black ladies are not getting enough attention in the porn industry. It is probably because there are really a lot of porn fans out there who are crazy about blondes and brunettes. However, if you are like who has been really smitten away by black beauties then you are in the perfect place right now because I will share with you today, through this short porn review, one of the most awesome porn sites I have ever seen that features the exotic beauty of black women. I don’t really care much if there are a lot of people who would rather prefer the Caucasian type of beauty, and you know why? The reason is because that means there is more black booty for me, and I don’t really like sharing!

In this light, I am always on the lookout on quality black porn sites. I have always been impressed by pure African ladies, though. African-American booty is great, and I’ll get those any day. But you know what is more interesting than that? Pure African beauty, straight from the source itself. You are not only going to enjoy awesome porn videos, but you will also get some insights on their great colorful culture. A lot of people dream to venture out into this safari, but only a few are able to visit the African continent. If you dream the same as well, then there is no need to worry because we will take you there in just a matter of seconds. But first, before we get carried away with the other aspects of this porn site, let me tell you a little bit about it first.

The title of the site is AfricanFuckTour, and it’s about a dude who travels to Africa and, yes, you’ve guessed right, chronicle his fuck tour for all of us to enjoy! According to the creator of the site (you can find this information on the homepage of AfricanFuckTour itself, by the way), he has been to other countries as well. In fact, it seems that he has been travelling for quite a while already. However, no country has ever matched Africa in his heart, and so he returned to this country, and we can probably watch the rest from there. If you are already interested in his sexcapades, then what I suggest is for you to register as a premium member. In this way, you will be able to access the porn site and enjoy unlimited streaming and downloading.

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Site specs

I must be honest. One of the things that I have enjoyed the most when I was taking a look at the porn site was the fact that the website design was pretty awesome. It really followed the African theme all the way, from the color up to the little visual details that you will be able to find in the page. Having said that, allow us to give you a short description of what the porn site is all about. Once you have landed on the homepage, you will already be confronted by the African tribal details spread throughout the page. Aside from that, you will also see the site’s welcome banner. This contains pictures of Antonio (the guy who made this porn site possible, the one whom I was talking about earlier), in a collage with other girl’s pictures.

You will already have an idea of what the site is all about by just judging the looks of the banner itself. Scrolling down, you will be able to see a short preview video and read a short introduction about the site. This part tells Antonio’s story. Is it just me or does this guy looks like another Antonio that we all know? Anyway, scrolling down from this “about part” would then show you the previews of the site’s latest porn videos already. These previews are a collection of thumbnails, along with other information about the said scene. You will find the title, the name of the African model in the video, the five-star rating, and finally the location where it all happened in Africa. For instance, the video, Brandy, was in Nigeria, while the Shantell video was from Uganda.

The movies and the girls

Speaking of the women, you are gonna love it here in AfricanFuckTour. Antonio has some lovely taste in women, not to mention that he usually go for really fresh chicks. Plus, what’s more, is that you are not going to see these ladies elsewhere. We bet that a lot of them are first-timers in the industry because it makes it clear in the porn site that he just meets these chicks along the way. We also appreciate the fact that you are going to have a taste at each of place in Africa. There are ladies from Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana, and all the other exotic African places that you will only get to visit in your dreams. But not anymore! Now, all you have to do is to get on the bus of AfricanFuckTour and you are all set. Get ready for the sex ride of your life! The only thing that we can probably say against this porn site is this: all of the videos are on a high!

In few words

And that’s it! As our final parting words let us tell you this one thing. Be prepared before you access this porn site. Get those rolls of tissue ready because you might not get the time to get some after you’ve started watching this porn site’s videos! With Antonio’s sexcapades, both men and women porn fans would surely enjoy the videos that he have uploaded here and you’ll soon find yourself touching your own body while watching all the ebony glory happening on your screen!

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