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There are a set certain things that we expect when we see girls having night-overs. It could be then doing each other’s hair, or trying on different makeup, trying on different clothes and of course the ultimate generic one the pillow fight. And even though it is so generic, there is something about this pillow fight, the intensity with which it is fought and the potential of it to erupt into something else, something kinkier and wild is there. Wouldn’t you love to witness a pillow fight getting converted into something like that, where all of the girls so wrapped up in the moment, start kissing and feeling each other up with their fingers, and then soon enough switching the mouth with the fingers and getting a good taste at the pussies, licking, twirling their tongue around the clit using all of the toys at their disposal, suddenly turning this really night-over into the kinkiest orgy that you have ever seen.

There is something about these girls not knowing everything about sex and foreplay that is very sensual as they try and figure their way through the entire thing. Don’t you just love soft pussies that are smooth, which are so soft and smooth that you could keep running your hand over it all the time and keep kissing, tasting and pounding into it all night long? Don’t you just love to see two girls and more pleasure each other and get off to each other, without the presence of another man in sight? It is true that men can get very distracting in the videos, isn’t it? And the worst bit is seeing them get on with the girl that you want to be with, and have your penis used; this really distracts you from the entire experience rather than enriching it and making it more fulfilling. And what you are looking for happens to be a rather niche genre not easily found, since these girls are amateur. What if we told you we have exactly what you want?

Yes, we have found a website called AboutGirlsLove, which is sure to fulfill all the fantasies that you have in a heartbeat. This website is created by TeenMegaWorld, a huge adult entertainment company. And as its name goes, it specializes in amateur girls getting down and dirty. You can be assured that really know what content to provide you with and what content that you are looking for. Also, AboutGirlsLove also provides content, which is 100% exclusive, so it really can’t be found anywhere else but here. All the women on this website have barely any experience with sex; forget about the porn industry, so these girls are as fresh-faced as you can possibly get. Some of them are shy, as they begin, but soon they start exploring and they get dirty and naughty. And that is just a peek into it. Read on, to know more.

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Site specs

As soon as you enter the website you will be welcomed by a burst of colors. And all the pictures on the website are so enticing that it is sure to have your cock rock hard in absolutely no time. There are picture of girls posing with their swollen vaginas, then there are pictures of girls making out with each other and sucking each other tits. The whole theme of the website looks like its based on a secret diary that a girl would own, growing up. It is a spiral bound book with the perfect color and all the content is placed on this part of the website. So, all the secrets that would have been ideally be written in the book are in the form of this website. They have done something very refreshing with the website. Most porn websites are very drab and garish, but this website is fun, fresh and colorful. It has its own unique charm to it.

The movies and the girls

Let us get to the real interesting part of the review. Let’s talk about what they have to offer to you in all their content. What they promise is 100% exclusive content along with girls who are fresh faces. Most of these girls are plain amateur, Eastern European beauties. All of these girls barely have any experience with sex; so, they are angelic yet really adventurous at the same time. These girls have the tightest and the smoothest pussies that you have ever seen, making you want to pound in them all night long. And most of the time there always more than one pussy so that you can choose the cunt you like the most and concentrate on that. They not only have amazing bodies but they also have fantastic bodies that you can only dream of holding. There are blondes, brunettes and dark haired girls. Anything that you want they have, and they can sure provide.

Let’s take talk about this video, where these girls were supposed to the spa on a double date with the men in their lives. But when Darya and Sarrah meet, their respective boyfriends act like absolute jerks, so both decide to kick these guys out of the spa and enjoy each other instead. And they find out that they just more than enjoy each other’s company but they even find that they can be kinky together. They start exploring and one thing leads to another and it’s a whole hot mess in the spa!

In few words

This website is really one of its kind which provides exclusive content. Also, this website really stands up to everything that they promise. With full HD videos and subscription to 33 of their other websites and bonus content would the deal get any better? Sign up today!

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